7 Tips to Improve Your Hosco Profile in No Time!

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Hosco is the best platform to discover and access hospitality and hotel jobs from all over the world and stay up-to-date with the latest industry news. Creating a profile allows you to lay out your work history, demonstrate your knowledge and skills, and expose yourself to a network of hospitality professionals and recruiters.

Before you set your job hunting mode on and start going through the hundreds of thousands of jobs Hosco has to offer – from receptionist jobs to chef de partie jobs, and marketing or management positions – it’s important to get your profile nice and shiny for all recruiters to love you! To help get you started, we gathered some helpful tips that will surely boost your candidate profile and make you stand out from the crowd! (You can thank us later.)

1. Your profile photo makes the first impression.
Adding a good profile photo results in more views and helps build the image around your personal brand. It should look professional and representative of the career or position you are searching for. Avoid selfies, dark images, party images, or sunglasses!

2. A good description lets recruiters know who you are.
However, no one has time for a long, dense summary. Take the time to write a paragraph that showcases your personality and highlights your specialties, attributes, and skills. A good profile description lets recruiters know why they should contact you for the position they’re searching for. Hot tip: use keywords related to your position or the job you want. For instance: pastry chef, revenue manager, guest relations, etc. That way, when recruiters search for potential hires, your profile will show up in the list of suitable candidates.

3. Experience goes a long way. Brag about it!
Fill out the experience section of your profile with all the previous positions you have held. Remember to provide detail on the type of work you did, daily tasks, and responsibilities. To capture the reader's attention, add the most important information on the first line. Think about it as a one time shot!

4. Highlight relevant out of office or extracurricular activities.
What you do outside of the office or the classroom may contribute to a higher search ranking. Showcase awards you won, organizations you belong to, and volunteer experiences you participated in for better results. It will also help recruiters know the soft skills you might bring to the table, as well as provide a sneak peek at your personality.

5. Demonstrate your unique skills.
The skills section of your profile lets recruiters know what your specialties are. In this area, use keywords to categorize everything you’re good at that is relevant to the positions you are applying to. Remember to fill out the languages section as well, along with the proficiency level for each one. Multilingualism is a definite plus in the hospitality industry as it lets you communicate more efficiently with customers from different countries.

6. Upload your CV.
Hosco lets you upload your CV to your profile for better employment results. We suggest you upload it in PDF for better quality (trust us on this). We also provide the option to get a free review along with tips on how to optimize it! A good CV gives you a valuable head start over many other similarly-positioned candidates applying for the same job. If you need help writing your CV, follow our guide of 7 Crucial Questions Your CV Must Answer that will surely put yours at the top.

7. The most effective profiles have robust networks.
Once your profile is in good shape, start building your connections. Adding more people to your network will amplify your chances of connecting with peers and finding a job. It is also essential to follow company profiles as they post jobs regularly as well as news, and updates, which will help you stay in touch with the latest insights from top industry players.

If you followed these easy steps, you’re good to go! Once your profile is ready, head over to our Job Directory to find the best hospitality jobs available that best fit what you’re looking for! There you’ll find anything from hotel and tourism, to kitchen and travel jobs! Explore positions in Miami, Hong Kong, Paris, London, and anywhere you can dream of right on Hosco.


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