7 Hospitality Podcasts You Should Be Listening to

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Podcasts fit perfectly into our fast-paced, modern lives as they allow us to learn, laugh, and let go of our stress, all while on the go. According to Podcast Insights, there are over 850,000 active podcasts worldwide covering every subject imaginable, and of course, that includes hospitality. There are a lot of hospitality podcasts out there, so we’ve done the listening for you and found seven hospitality podcasts that we can’t stop listening to.

We’ve collected a mixture of podcast series in which hospitality professionals, including chefs, restaurateurs, bartenders, general managers, and even industry aficionados share their experiences and expertise.

What is a podcast, and what does the word “podcast” mean?

A podcast is a digital audio file that can be listened to or downloaded on to a computer or a mobile device. The word “podcast” is a portmanteau, formed by mixing “iPod” and “broadcast.” It was coined in 2004 by British Journalist, Ben Hammersley.

7 hospitality podcasts you should be listening to

1) All In The Industry

This podcast works by “bringing behind-the-scenes talent in hospitality to the forefront.” It has been a staple in the industry for a while as it started back in 2014. This renowned podcast series offers you hundreds of episodes covering everything about the magical world of hotels. Find interviews with world-famous hospitality names, CEOs, food writers, restauranteurs, bartenders, pastry chefs, hotel photographers, and many more professions. The majority of the All In The Industry episodes run for 40-70 minutes.

2) Skift Daily Briefing

Looking for a rapid round-up of the day’s biggest news items? Make sure you tune in to the Skift Daily Briefing! This go-to podcast gives you the lowdown on everything that’s happening in the business of travel and tourism. These updates last between three and four minutes, so it’s the perfect thing to listen to as you travel to/from work or school. Each one is filled with the day’s main headlines and has the facts and figures to support. 🎙️ Have you seen our interview with Skift’s CEO, Rafat Ali? Check it out to learn more about the biggest media platform in the travel industry!

3) Bartender at Large

If you know your Old Fashioned from your Screwdriver, then this is the podcast for you! Each episode of Bartender at Large has been served up since 2016 by an award-winning bartender, Erick Castro. This series dives into the wonderful world of bars, craft cocktails, techniques, and much more. Erick invites a variety of bartenders and special guests to chat about your favorite drink and life behind the stick. This series features hundreds of episodes, with each one lasting from 25-45 minutes.

4) Eater’s Digest

Hungry for a podcast that explores the world of gastronomy? Check out Eater’s Digest, a staple favorite with restauranters, F&B specialists, and general foodies. Tune in to these weekly updates with Eater’s editor-in-chief, Amanda Kludt and producer Daniel Geneen to find out the goings-on in the world of food. The hosts sit down with big industry names and journalists to discuss the week’s top stories from restaurants across the globe. The majority of these episodes run for 30-45 minutes, with a few going up to 60 minutes

5) No Vacancy with Glenn Haussman

If you’re looking for a podcast that covers every corner of the travel and hospitality industry, then No Vacancy with Glenn Haussman is a fast-paced series you’ll love. Glenn gets to grip with the inner workings of the industry by interviewing leading professionals, CEOs, and innovators. This series is full of valuable insights, fascinating stories, and tips that you can apply in your own career.

6) The Modern Waiter Podcast

Listen up waiters and waitresses, here’s a podcast made just for you. The Modern Waiter Podcast shines a light, in a very light-hearted way, on what it’s like to work in this magnificent yet demanding role. The host, Marlon Joseph, has years of industry experience and a collection of extraordinary stories about life in the service industry. These episodes all differ in length, but one thing is for sure, you’re bound to laugh and learn something new as you listen.

7) The Kitchen is on Fire

This podcast’s name may evoke images of serious chefs throwing pots and pans across a busy professional kitchen, however, it’s far from that. The hosts of this awesome podcast are food writer James Ramsden and musician Sam Herlihy. They have a very unique, carefree, and playful approach to the world of gastronomy, which makes the podcast a whole lot of fun to listen to. Even the names of the episodes will make you smile! Virtually every episode features special guests, including world-famous chefs, comedians, food writers, radio presenters, and many more. The episodes run from 40 minutes to two hours so they’re ideal for when you’re relaxing at home or while traveling. Well, that’s a wrap of the seven hospitality podcasts that Hosco likes to tune in to. It’s not exhaustive, there are many podcasts out there, but we feel like this list gives everyone in hospitality something to listen to. You can find the majority of these podcasts the usual streaming platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Overcast. As we know, our industry is an expansive and wonderous place in which everyone has a story to share. So, don’t hesitate to let us know if there are any hospitality podcasts that you love listening to, we’re all ears!


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