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9 Good Questions to Ask at The End of an Interview

by | Aug 13, 2020 | CAREER TIPS | 0 comments

We all know that every hiring manager waits until the end of an interview to ask if you have any questions about the job or company. It’s vital that you prepare a few questions beforehand to show that you’re interested in the opportunity, and it also allows you to further engage and impress the recruiter. Remember, an interview is not only a window to sell yourself, but it’s also time to gather information. To help you make a smarter career decision, we’ve gathered 9 good questions that you can ask at the end of an interview:

1) What’s It Like to Work Here?

This is the perfect place to start. It gives you an honest insight into the company culture, and it also gives the hiring manager the opportunity to win you over. Understanding the company culture before you start working there is vital because you’ll spend countless hours sharing and interacting with your colleagues. If you don’t like the company culture, you’re going to have a hard time getting used to the workplace.

2) Which Are the Most Important Qualities for Someone to Excel in This Role?

This is definitely a tricky question! The reason? The recruiter will probably give you a list of skills needed to succeed in the job you’re being interviewed for, but the question can also be redirected to you. Be prepared to give a professional answer to show you’re capable of succeeding in the role thanks to your expertise and skills.

3) What Are the Expectations of This Role?

The company might post an overview of this information along with the job description. However, it’s always good to find out exactly what they’re expecting you to deliver during the first six to twelve months. 

4) What Are the Day-To-Day Responsibilities in This Position?

Knowing this will help you decide if you really want the job. Some positions may appear ideal at first glance, but they could actually involve doing a lot of things that you may dislike or don’t feel prepared for. Asking this also shows the recruiter that you care about what’s essential: the actual work that you’re going to be doing on a daily basis.

5) Who Are the Company’s Top Competitors?

This is something you should research beforehand, nevertheless it’s always nice to hear from someone that works in the company. The hiring manager might give you an answer that differs from your research and that could be a great topic to continue the conversation.

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6) What Are Some of the Current Challenges Facing the Company?

Asking this shows that you want to get to grips with what’s going on in the company, and will also reveal more about the stability of the business. If you’re fast on your feet, you can turn the question around and tell the recruiter how your skills can help overcome the challenges.

7) What’s the Company’s Dress Code?

Very important! You don’t want to arrive at your first day of work looking underdressed. Ask the hiring manager, if there is a dress code you should follow, and make sure you stick to it. You never get a second chance to make a first impression! If you’re unsure of what to wear, check out our breakdown of the four levels of business attire here.

interview questions

8) Are There Opportunities for Professional Development in the Company?

If you want to develop in your career, you have to make sure the company you’re going to work for will offer you opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge. They may offer you the chance to attend workshops, conferences or seminars. If the company doesn’t really take into consideration your professional development, then it may not be the best fit for you.

9) What Are the Next Steps of the Hiring Process?

Last but not least, you should always ask about the next steps of the interview process or when you might hear back from them. This is a useful question that can give you a timeframe and find out how many rounds of interviews you’ll have to complete.

We can’t reiterate how crucial it is to ask good questions at the end of the interview, if you don’t, you’ll appear uninterested or unmotivated. Also, remember to avoid asking about the basic aspects of the company and leave vacations or immediate changes to your schedule to the side. Now that you have these nine impressive questions to ask the recruiter at the end of your interview, you’re bound to succeed!


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