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Top 13 Scary Mistakes Job Seekers Still Make Today

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Making mistakes is part of life, but making basic mistakes as a job seeker is a no-no. Despite the oceans of advice online, there are still job seekers that are making truly terrifying mistakes. So, in the spirit of Halloween, we thought we’d shine a pumpkin-colored glow on 13 of the scariest ones.

Avoid These Frightening Mistakes When Job Hunting

1. Keeping It 100% Online

It’s obvious that the internet is a very powerful way of finding job new opportunities. But, you also need to have a solid network behind you, both on and offline. By attending a few events, you can start to build relationships that increase your network and job opportunities. Want to enhance your interpersonal skills? Follow these five tips to become a networking master.

2. Just Focusing on the Big Pumpkins

The global hospitality players often appear on the top 100 best companies to work for worldwide. Yet again, the small brands can also mirror fangtastic elements of the culture, benefits, and environment so that you can equally thrive.

3. Not Being Aware of the Tricks Amongst the Treats

There are some spooky online scammers out there. If you get a magical job offer after no face-to-face interview, be sure to research and even call the company to confirm your contact’s identity. Don’t send bank account details or personal information beforehand.

🍭Looking for a job that’s sweeter than Halloween candy? Check out our hospitality jobs!

4. Applying for Every Job in Sight

You need to keep an open mind as a job seeker, but that doesn’t mean sending 100 CVs per day. It means tailoring your search so that you find the right job opportunity for you. Note down a list of must-haves so you can focus on the opportunities you really want.

Creepy CV and Cover Letter Mistakes

5. Typos and Scary Spelling Mistakes

Your CV and cover letter are your virtual first impressions, so they have to be spotless. Don’t let a horrifying typo ruin your initial interaction. Be sure to proofread your CV and cover letters multiple times. Need some cover letter tips? Get the 101 of writing a cover letter

6. Not Using SEO Witchcraft

As robots and AI become more central to the job selection process, you need to accommodate your CV and online profiles by adding keywords. This will also help recruiters instantly see if your skills match their requirements.

7. Using an Inappropriate Email Address

It’s fine if your personal email address is skeletonking@gmail.com, but it could creep the hiring manager out. Go with a professional approach like your full name.

8. Telling the Recruiter Your Life Story

Recruiters usually only have time to fly over your cover letter and CV to see if you stand out. Don’t be afraid to cut out parts of your work experience or high school education as they’re probably no longer relevant. Be concise and match what you can offer with the job description.

Monstrous Mistakes During the Interview

9. Being Petrifyingly Underprepared

There isn’t a magic spell that you can cast to be fully prepared for an interview. The next best thing is by turning to muggle magic and preparing as much as possible. Check out the company’s history, culture, and ambitions to see where you fit in. Also, have at least one question ready to ask the recruiter at the end.

10. Fancy Dress Isn’t Appropriate

Stick to business formal or business professional attire for your interview, unless you’re explicitly told otherwise by the interviewer or recruiter. Unsure on the dress code? Discover the four levels of business attire here.

11. Being Wicked About Former Employers

No matter how much of a nightmare your previous employer was, never bad-mouth them in an interview. It makes you seem immature. Always stay positive and think about how spell-bindingly good your new job will be!

12. Being as Cheerful as the Addams Family

Interviewing for a position that’s not your ideal job? That’s fine but remember that you need to show enthusiasm even if you don’t feel it 100%. Why? The job in front of you could transform into your dream job in the future.

13. Shaking Like a Skeleton

Everyone that goes into an interview is nervous, but you need to try and control it. If you’re tapping your foot, repeatedly touching your hair or twiddling with a button on your jacket, it’ll distract the interviewer and direct their attention away from the discussion. Your physical demeanor speaks just as loudly as your CV during an interview. If interviews give you the heebie-jeebies, use these five tips to hide the fact that you’re nervous.

That’s a wrap of the 13 scary mistakes job seekers still make today. Maybe these 13 will turn out to be lucky and transform your fortune as a job seeker. Why wait? Start looking for an incredible hospitality job today!

🎃 Happy job haunting!



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