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Get Your CV Ready to Go!

by | Jul 2, 2018 | CAREER TIPS | 0 comments

Leonardo da Vinci is credited with creating the first CV in 1482. Since then, it has become the focal point of almost every recruitment process. The hospitality industry is no exception. Whether you’re launching your career as a chef or have years of experience as a receptionist, at some point, someone, somewhere will look at your CV.

If your CV includes all of your skills and most recent experience then it’s time to log in and upload it to Hosco. Get step-by-step instructions on how to upload your CV at the bottom of this article. If your CV isn’t ready, don’t worry, keep reading to find out how to get it in tiptop condition.

1. What is a CV?

Your CV is your professional life on one (max two) pages. CV stands for curriculum vitae, a Latin expression that can loosely be translated to the course of one’s life. On average, a recruiter will look at your CV for just six seconds. It's impossible to read an entire CV in that time. That’s why it’s crucial to immediately grab the recruiter's attention and sell yourself.

Not only this, another golden rule for CV writing is that you need to be concise. Write about your previous experience and special skills in as few words as possible. However, make sure you spend a lot of time writing, editing, and perfecting your CV. Do this and it should do what it's designed for: getting you an interview.

2. What Should Your CV Include?

  • Personal details and contact information
  • Profile summary that highlights your assets
  • Education and training
  • Work experience and an outline of each role
  • Skills and achievements
  • Hobbies or interests that showcase your personality
  • References

When writing your CV, tweak it for the specific criteria of the role you’re applying to. That way, when recruiters skim your application, you appear to have the right skills and cultural fit for the company.

Customising your CV is essential. This document is supposed to keep evolving and improving to reflect your career trajectory and achievements. It’s important to modify it and keep different versions of it as you’re job hunting. The tone of voice, style, layout, and language of your CV all contribute to your chances of landing an interview.

3. How Do I Upload My CV to My Hosco Profile?

When you create an account on Hosco, you have the option to upload your CV to your profile. This can be done any time after joining, right from your profile page. However, we highly recommend that you do this straightaway as it’ll boost your candidacy opportunities. Don’t worry, your CV is not visible to other members, only you and recruitment companies can see it.

How do you do this? Once on your Hosco profile, right under “Contact”, you’ll find the box to upload your CV. Although it’s best to submit a tailored CV when applying for a job, you should always keep a generic version of it on your profile. You never know when a recruiter might be searching the network for possible candidates.

Upload your CV

4. Get a Free CV Review

Simply by uploading your CV to Hosco you can get a free CV review along with tips on how to optimize it. After you add your CV and before you click save, activate “Get a free CV review”. Voilà! In a few days, you’ll receive personalized feedback on its design and formatting, content and structure, and how to improve it.

Get a free CV review

Quick reminder! You should always keep your Hosco profile as complete and up-to-date as possible. This way you’ll have the best Hosco experience as you’ll receive jobs and career opportunities that are tailored to you. Want to make your profile 100% Hosco ready? Check out our guide of 7 tips to improve your profile in no time.


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