The Early Bird Gets The Worm: 5 Ways To Start Waking Up Earlier
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The Early Bird Gets The Worm: 5 Ways To Start Waking Up Earlier

How many times did you hit snooze this morning? Was each time more agonizing than the last? We feel your pain. While science tells us that not everyone’s body clock is the same, it does seem like early risers are more productive and happier. Benjamin Franklin wrote an entire book on the subject and is responsible for the popular proverb, “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Here are our tips for making Ben proud and becoming a “morning person” – like anything, it takes some training, practice and persistence.

1. Adjust your bedtime

If you are used to getting 7.5 hours of sleep each night and hitting the sheets at 1 AM, it is going to be really difficult to start waking up at 6 AM without also changing your bedtime. You’ll burn out quickly if your new commitment to mornings costs you sleep time. Making the change in half-hour increments can help ease you into your new wake-up time.

2. Develop a bedtime routine

Being able to get up early consistently means getting enough sleep. Develop a bedtime ritual that will help ease you into sleep each night. It might be a cup of herbal tea, a chapter in your novel, and lights out—or you might do 10 minutes of stretching and meditation before climbing under the covers. Whatever your routine, follow it consistently and leave your phone, tablet and laptop out of it.

3. You snooze, you lose

We all sort of know that the snooze button is our enemy, but we continue to rely on it. Consider buying an alarm with no snooze feature, and commit to rising as soon as your alarm goes off. If you are worried about falling back asleep, set a second alarm as a back up.

4. Say no to screen time

In addition to developing a nightly routine, set a time each night to power down your phone, tablet and laptop. This ensures you won’t be tempted to scroll through your Facebook or Hosco feeds the moment you feel a bit restless. You’ll save your sleep cycle in addition to sticking to your routine.

5. Incentivize

What will you allow yourself to enjoy now that you’ve succeeded to add 1-2 hours to your morning? In addition to any exercise, work or chores you might have in mind, treat yourself to a delicious breakfast, a crossword puzzle, or another enjoyable activity that you wouldn’t have had time for before becoming a morning person.