7 Tips To Catch Recruiters' Attention When Looking At Your CV


7 Tips To Catch Recruiters' Attention When Looking At Your CV

Competition is fierce for great jobs today, with hundreds of qualified candidates applying for the same position. How can you be sure your CV will stand out among the crowd to recruiters and hiring managers?

Use these 7 tips to boost your CV’s chances of jumping from the ‘no’ pile to the top of the ‘yes’ pile for the next job you apply for.

1. Write a summary header

Starting with a strong narrative statement that clearly outlines your objectives and professional profile in 2-3 sentences gives you a head start. Think of it as the first impression that you’re making on paper, or as your personal brand statement.

2. Tailor your CV to the position you are applying for

Both your summary header and your detailed professional history should specifically crafted for the job you want. For example, if the job requires in-depth financial knowledge, any relevant experience and accomplishments should be prioritized on your CV.

3. Keep it short and clear

Your CV should be no longer than two pages, with clear and succinct writing. Favor straightforward descriptions over trendy buzzwords when writing your work history.

4. Proofread

Do this twice, and then have a mentor or friend do it for you. Even a small typo can make you seem unpolished and unprepared.

5. Add one eye-grabbing thing

Do one creative thing to catch the reader’s eye--a well-done graphic, illustration, or subtle watermark can help attract attention to your CV.

6. Stick to a professional format

It’s important to be creative, but when it comes to the overall look of your CV, it should be easy to read and not overloaded with special characters, unusual fonts or too many graphics. Use a linear format that guides the reader efficiently through the content.

7. Highlight your personal interests and non-work related activities

If you take part in volunteering work or competitive sports, include this information on your CV near the end. Companies today are seeking talented professionals that are not only experts in their fields but also well-rounded individuals. Showcasing your diverse interests ca. be beneficial as they can reveal your compassion, depth and competitive edge. However, keep this section short and avoid anything too personal. For example, the statement ‘I have 15 cats’ would not be as effective as ‘I volunteer at the local humane society on weekends.