Habits Of Successful Hospitality Leaders


Habits Of Successful Hospitality Leaders

We know, your job in hospitality is hard: the hours can be long, the boss can be demanding, the clients can be, ahem, challenging. It takes tons of energy, charisma, charm, skill, and diplomacy to get through just one day as a hotelier. How to succeed in hospitality despite it all? It’s simple: develop a few good habits and be disciplined about practicing them. Bill Marriott, ex-CEO and current chairman of Marriott International crafted 12 simple rules for success in 1964, and still lives by them. Start your own list today – you’ll be amazed by how much can change by just putting some ideas to paper.

Not sure where to start? Here’s our take on the five essential habits of successful, effective, happy people, and how they can be applied to the hospitality industry.

1. They are organized

They plan their days the night before, and they keep a list of prioritized tasks to accomplish. If this sounds rigid, you’re right. But it works. Is being in the lobby to greet guests for an hour each morning important to you? Then schedule it, commit to it, and do it every day. Same goes for time spent listening to employees, walking through the hotel, or taking five minutes for yourself to refocus.

2. They get enough sleep

Sleep is a habit—we do it every night. The trick is in keeping a consistent sleep schedule and getting enough of it. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can have major consequences on overall health, happiness, and even job productivity. Marriott’s current CEO, Arne Sorensen, told Huffington Post recently that he is proud to say he consistently gets 7.5 hours of sleep each night and that anything less is “dead wrong.” Don’t let the CEO of Marriott tell you you’re dead wrong. Just get some sleep, OK?

3. They exercise regularly

Successful people know that physically challenging themselves can lead to inspiration, improved mental processing, and sharper memory. Frits Van Paasschen, Starwood’s former CEO, completed an Iron Man triathlon in 2013, works out six days a week, and was known for holding “jogging meetings” when he worked for Nike. Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, says that working out gives him four extra hours of productivity a day. For a hotelier, that’s like winning the lottery. Our advice? Start small, and stay motivated. Join a running, cycling, basketball, or yoga group that meets regularly in order to stay accountable.

4. They Read

A recent article in the Observer notes that one habit that “ultra-successful” people have in common is quite simple: they read, and they read a lot. From Warren Buffet to Mark Zuckerberg to Elon Musk, successful people keep a habit of daily reading. Start small: commit 30 minutes a day to catching up on industry news. Move onto a good biography or a classic literary work. Reading has the power to relax, to remove us from the present, and can increase creativity and inspiration. Harry S. Truman once said, “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”

5. They Think positively

We’ve all heard about “the power of positive thinking.” But there’s a reason for this phrase’s ubiquitous presence: it truly works. When you think positively, your goals and projects have a better chance of succeeding. It’s even scientifically proven. So don’t dwell on guest complaints and negative feedback. As Bill Marriott’s 12th rule for success puts it, “View every problem as an opportunity to grow.” He said it best.