Six Tips To Surviving The Day After Your Office Christmas Party


Six Tips To Surviving The Day After Your Office Christmas Party

Last year we brought you 8 no-fail guidelines to planning your office Christmas party. This year’s advice for those of you attending and not planning your office party? How to survive it – and the next day!

Chances are, your office holiday party will happen on a week night, which means that despite your plans to let loose and celebrate with your colleagues, you’re going to have to drag yourself into work the next day.

Here are a few tips to surviving the next day:

1. Don’t overdo it.

Remember that this is a work party. Even if you consider your colleagues to be your besties, they’re your colleagues first. And your boss will be there. And so on. So, take if from us, the best way to survive the next day is to not have anything to survive from – e.g., a hangover, an accident or crippling shame.

2. Plan ahead.

Given that many of you might choose to ignore the first piece of advice, here’s a back-up plan for you over-doers. Stock your desk the day before the party with hydrating liquids, headache pills and healthy snacks to power you through the morning. If possible, put some mindless paperwork aside for that morning so you can hang out at your desk and recuperate while appearing busy.

3. Eat as much as you drink.

The boss is paying for drinks?! Woot! You might be tempted to head straight to the bar and stay there all night. But check yourself. Enjoy the bar, but make sure you eat, too. Trust this writer: nothing good ever happens after drinking on an empty stomach. So eat something! Seriously, you’ll thank us the next day.

4. Check your phone at the door.

Another reason not to over indulge at the office holiday party? Social media. If you can’t remember what happened the night before, the last thing you want is 100 tagged photos on Facebook reminding you of your behavior the next day. Ouch. Be on your best, most photogenic behavior, and be assertive by asking your colleagues to not live Tweet and Instagram the entire evening. They, too, will thank you the next day.

5. Have fun!

Whether you choose to follow or ignore the above advice, be sure you follow this rule: above all else, have a great time. It’s the end of the year, you’ve worked hard, and you deserve to celebrate with your colleagues. Cheers!