What To Consider Before Applying To Any Job


What To Consider Before Applying To Any Job

There are a lot of jobs in hospitality out there—over 30’000 advertised on Hosco alone! Feeling overwhelmed by all the possibilities and not sure where to start? Rest assured that your dream job is out there, and hosco.plus is here to help you find it.

Here’s some advice on what to consider before applying to any job:

1. First of all, understand that you don’t have to apply to every job

That’s why Hosco exists—to help you find the jobs that perfectly match your talents, strengths and interests. Put your energy into applying for the jobs that are right for you, and avoid spreading yourself too thin when it comes to applications. Sending a C.V. and generic cover letter to 1’000 potential employers in a blast email is a thing of the past. When you apply for a job, make it count: be sure it’s a good match, customize your C.V. and cover letter, and take time to individually follow up with the job poster.

2. Read the job description carefully

You should be able to identify the skills and competencies that are needed to succeed in the role, where the job fits in the company’s hierarchy (e.g., is it entry-level or mid-career?), what the day-to-day responsibilities are, and what the job title is. If any of this information is missing, you can’t make an informed decision about whether to apply. If the job sounds enticing but is missing key information, reach out to the job poster for more details.

3. Decide what you have to offer

Once you have decided that a job looks right for you, start thinking from the employer’s perspective. What can you offer them? Look at the skills and competencies advertised in the job description and make a list of the ones you have, along with specific examples of those traits seen in action in your previous jobs or internships. This is just good practice, because you will be asked this in the job interview. Assessing your specific value in relation to each job you apply for will help you make an informed decision and prepare you for interviews.

4. Decide what the position can offer you

If it’s an entry-level job, ask yourself if it will prepare you for the future you want. If your dream is to head up the Food & Beverage department one day, decide which skills you will attain in this job that will serve that goal. If the answer is not clear, perhaps it is not the right job for you. If you are looking at a mid-career job change, ask yourself a similar question: Is this job a move in the right direction in relation to your overall career goals. If it is strictly a lateral move with no new challenges, is the job worth applying for?

5. Ask yourself if the pros outweigh the cons

We know we told you your dream job is waiting for you (and it really is!) but realistically there will be pros and cons to any job. It may be a perfect fit professionally and involve a relocation to a city you don’t want to move to. Or it may offer an amazing opportunity to do what you love, but for a lesser salary than you expected. There are tradeoffs to almost every great opportunity, so you need to decide what you can realistically live with.