Leadership Styles for Coaching, Mentoring & Growing People

Leadership Styles for Coaching, Mentoring & Growing People

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Course overview

This course explores various strategies that equip leaders to successfully navigate their business and lead their people through the times ahead.

What you will learn

• To understand the differences between leadership and management, and how to apply the leadership styles to overcome organisation hurdles. • To apply various leadership strategies when facing different challenges and outcomes (Followership, Inspirational, Situational and Resilient). • To employ emotional intelligence within the different leadership styles. • To embrace culture change using emotional intelligence.

Course details

Who is the course for?

This practical course builds a skillset of different leadership styles for coaching, mentoring, and growing people and explores effective followership. Learn how, depending on the situation, choosing the right leadership style for the right people for higher engagement and performance improvement is critical. Self-paced course.
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