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In this online course, you will examine three intersecting areas of the hospitality financial landscape: financial statements analysis, budgeting and forecasting, and advanced corporate finance.

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Week 1 to 5 Financial Analysis Statements: - Financial reporting - Focus on assets - Focus on liabilities and shareholders’ equity - Cash flow analysis - Liquidity and solvency analysis - Profitability analysis - Costs and decision-making - Final assessment Week 6 to 10 Budgeting & Forecasting: - Planning methodologies - Managing the planning process - Benchmarking - Metrics and benchmarking for hotels - Competitor analysis and STR reports - Budget preparation - Budgetary control - Cash management - Cash budgeting - Final assessment Week 11 to 15 Corporate Finance: - Capital structure considerations - Raising debt financing - Raising equity financing - Corporate valuation - Mergers and acquisitions - Private equity investing - Risk management - Final assessment
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