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Constance Lémuria Seychelles

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Job description

JOB SUMMARY: The Director of Food and Beverages Service is responsible for the efficient operations of the Food and Beverages Department of the resort. He will report directly to the Hotel Manager. He collaborates with the Executive Chef to ensure that guests receive the highest level of food and beverages service at all times as according to company policies and standards. The Director of F&B Service is also responsible to ensure the highest quality of guests’ entertainment in the different outlets as well as overall resort during normal business and for special events.   DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:


Customer Satisfaction
  • To ensure that guests feel welcomed and comfortable in all F&B outlets including Restaurants, Bars, In-Room Dining Service and in all places where F&B Services are provided to guests.
  • To anticipate and attend to guests needs in all F&B outlets and ensure maximum guest satisfaction at all times.
  • To ensure that guests are properly informed and guided as to the choices available to them in terms of F&B services.
  • To meet guests regularly, listen to and discuss their preferences so as to ensure the best possible fit between guests’ requirements and services provided.
  • To deal promptly with guests’ complaints and launch service recovery procedures whenever necessary.
  • Improve the Food & Beverage Customer Satisfaction rating.
Innovation, learning and growth
  • To continuously introduce new concepts and ideas to develop the F&B services.
  • To invest time and effort in his own development in order to be proactive and update in the latest developments in the field of F&B services and standards.
  • To develop and implement an effective benchmarking system for the continuous improvement of the F&B operations.
  • To initiate, supervise and monitor the implementation of appropriate training to enhance the level of knowledge, skills and attitude of F&B personnel.
  • To ensure that the F&B team members are well motivated and that all staff problems are promptly dealt with.
  • To set annual and periodic objectives for all F&B outlets and operate an effective and timely Performance Management System
  • To ensure that F&B personnel are recognised and adequately rewarded for their performances .
  • To develop and implement the annual Food & Beverage budget, CAPEX plan and promotional activities.
  • To compile & agree meaningful, achievable budgets through accurate research & application of in-depth knowledge of the industry.
  • To maintain a strict control on F&B budgeted profit margins and costs in view of promoting the consistent and continued financial growth of the F&B department and overall resort.
  • To review and drive F&B energy conservation initiatives in view of ensuring minimum utility consumption without sacrificing guests’ and employees’ comfort.
  • To take an active role in F&B cost containment initiatives and manage from a revenue generation perspective.
  • To build and maintain excellent relationships with suppliers in view of obtaining and securing the best price-quality rapport on raw materials/products.
People and Performance Management
  • To provide effective leadership through professional management and encouragement while respecting the responsibilities & reporting line of Heads of Department.
  • To assist, in conjunction with the Human Resources, meaningful succession & career plans for members of the team when required.
  • To ensure that Heads of Department are conducting regular performance appraisals & drawing up appropriate action & developmental training plans for their team using job descriptions as a guide.
  • To assist Human Resources in ensuring that team members are totally conversant with & practising good employment procedures aligned with the Employment Rights Act and the Catering and Tourism Industries Remuneration Order.
  • To ensure that team members have implemented & are consistently respecting company Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s).
Process, Risk and Control
  • To participate in conducting inspections within the Food and Beverage departments to ensure physical facilities are kept in optimum condition through full implementation of preventive maintenance and planning.
  • To ensure adherence and ensure emergency procedures are in place and enforced to provide for the security and safety of guests and employees.
  • To identify, document and define mitigating actions for any deviations or risks identified.
  • To ensure emergency incidents are logged, investigated and rectified to prevent future incidents.
  • To ensure health, hygiene, quality, fire and life safety standards are fully implemented and constantly adhered to by all team members.
  • To direct and supervise all F&B operations at close range by being physically involved in all aspects of the operations.
  • To perform F&B Administrative tasks to the required proficiency level.
  • To regularly review F&B service processes and standards with a view to constantly improve upon them.
  • To work closely with the Executive Chef in the design of menus, buffets and other F&B service offers.
  • To plan for the necessary manning level in all outlets in order to provide the highest service level within the agreed manning guide.
  • To plan for the necessary equipment in order to ensure a hassle free operation.
  • To collaborate with the Chief Engineer to set-up and operate a Preventive Maintenance programme for all F&B outlets and equipment.
  • To conduct daily and monthly communication meetings to ensure an effective flow of information occurs within the department.
  • To regularly report to the General Manager and Resident Manager on the state of the Department.
  • 2-5 year experience in similar role in international 5-star hotel
  • Fluent in  English. A second language (French, others) will be an advantage.
  • Experience working in top of the range luxury island resorts, with refined personalised guest service in tropical locations will constitute a definite advantage.
  • International exposure in different continents. Asian exposure will be a plus.
  • Proven experience in working with budget, P&L, inventory controls
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Proven leadership capabilities
  • Creative and innovative person, always ready to challenge the status quo.
  • Excellent organisation and coordination skills
  • Experience in working in multi-cultural team



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Constance Lémuria Seychelles

The 5-star deluxe Constance Lémuria Seychelles is situated on the north-western coast of Praslin island. The main building lies crafted into the hillside and the rooms adapt themselves to the existing natural scenery.

Its four restaurants offer exceptional dishes prepared by a brigade of Chefs, positioning Constance Lémuria Seychelles as a reference of culinary excellence in the Seychelles.

Among the various amenities available is the U Spa featuring Valmont. The hotel also has the unique 18-hole championship golf course of Seychelles.

Constance Lémuria Seychelles is an eco-friendly hotel, with its famous turtle preservation programme illustrating this commitment.

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