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Job description

This position will support the Cast Housing Communications function of the Housing Operations team at Shanghai Disney Resort. The role will support the execution of internal communications programs through various creative platforms and channels.
Successful candidate will have exposures across all disciplines of internal communications, and the individual will be working in a very dynamic, and fast paced environment with heavy focus on collaborations amongst various stakeholders and teams. The daily work scope will include and not limited to message/story creation, translation, editing, cast event support, internal promotion program coordination and much more.
  • 支持和执行内部传讯项目、方案以实现上海迪士尼度假区的商业目标。该职位的工作重点为内部新闻简报的制作及发行生产的协调。
  • Support the execution of internal communication campaigns, processes and vehicles to meet the business objectives of Shanghai Disney Resort. This role will have a heavy focus on internal newsletter creation and publication production.
  • 确保所有的传讯信息正确、及时与专业以支持业务需要。
  • Ensure that all communication is accurate, timely and professionally written to support business needs.
  • 完成在预算和时间的要求范围内支持各个目标及项目的执行工作。
  • Project support to various initiatives and campaign to meet budget and time constraints.
  • 高效、准确、及时的地完成各项任务。
  • Accomplish given assignments effectively, accurately and within established timeframe.
  • 配合内部传讯平台的筹划、建立和维护。
  • Support the creation, set-up and maintain various internal communications vehicles.
  • 确保公司术语、语法、图文、名称的使用符合规定。确保传讯信息符合法务和员工关系的准则。
  • Ensure that guidelines for the proper use of nomenclature, grammar, graphics and names are met. Ensure that all communication pieces reflect Legal and Cast Relations guidelines.
  • 根据内容和时间的要求,对内部传讯相关文件与材料进行归档和保存。
  • Support the archiving need of all internal communications related materials and documents with strict discipline on both time and content.
Basic Qualifications
  • 2年的专业岗位工作经验(包括全职雇佣或者知名实习项目)
  • Ideally with 2 years of professional experience (either via full time employment or reputable internship program)
  • 本科以上学历,专业为新闻、传讯、公共关系、媒体、市场营销、英语或国际关系
  • Bachelor degree or above in related disciplines, preferred major in Journalism, Communications, Public Relations, Media, Marketing, Liberal Arts, English, and International Relations
  • 口语、书写和表达达到英语流利、普通话母语的水平
  • Fluent in English and native level in Mandarin Chinese, including verbal, written and presentation
  • 优先考虑在写作、编辑、报纸/出版领域有工作经验的候选人
  • Candidates with extensive writing, editorial, and newsletter/publication experience would be highly preferred
  • 熟练掌握Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint的操作
  • Proficiency in Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint are required
  • 优先考虑会使用排版、视觉设计、图片和视频编辑软件的候选人
  • Proficiency in publishing, graphics design, photo and video editing software would be a major plus
  • 有够协调跨部门合作,执行和推广传讯项目的能力
  • Ability to coordinate and collaborate across various teams to implement communication programs
  • 富有创造力,善于解决问题,处理人际关系
  • Highly creative, enjoys problem solving and with great people skills
  • 对持续进行的项目的建立和改善富有热情与兴趣
  • Keen interest in on-going process creation and improvement
  • 有自主管理多任务优先级及能在团队工作环境中变现高效工作的能力
  • Ability to prioritize, multi-task and work effectively in a team-oriented environment
  • 有及时处理紧急项目的能力
  • Ability to handle projects with immediate delivery schedules
  • 具有跨国企业工作经验者优先
  • Experience working in a multinational corporate environment is required
Preferred Qualifications
  • 可接受弹性工作时间安排,包括晚间、周末班、变动的排班时间及节假日。不需要出差。
  • Flexibility in schedule based on work assignments is required; would require weekends, holidays, early
  • morning, and late evening work. No travel is required


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Shanghai, China
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As soon as possible

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