Banquet Manager

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Four Seasons - Hangzhou


Job description

  • Select, train, evaluate, lead, motivate, coach, and discipline all employees, supervisors and assistant managers in the Banquet department to ensure that established cultural and core standards are met with long-range strategic planning for Banquet operation.
  • 挑选,培训,评估,指导,鼓励,教诲和训练宴会部门的所有员工,主管及副经理,确保建立符合宴会长远营运战略计划的文化及核心标准。

  • The ability to be visible in the operation, provide recognition, promote good public relations, and handle complaints, concerns or special requests for guests, clients, and group contacts.
  • 在营运过程中,具备卓越的实际操作能力,保持良好的公众关系,处理各类投诉,满足顾客,委托人,公司联系人的一些特殊请求。

  • The ability to work closely with Director of Catering in order to stimulate sales and profit and ensure that all guest’s requests is accommodated though creativities.
  • 与宴会销售总监保持良好的沟通和合作关系,落实所有顾客的要求,提高销售业绩和酒店利润。

  • The ability to make suggestions and recommendations to the management in reference to improvement of general operation and profitability. Provide competitor analysis and information regarding guest’s satisfaction.
  • 能向管理层提出相关改进日常营运和收益的意见和建议。提供有关顾客满意度的竞争者分析表和相关信息。

  • Welcomes host of function and assist any last minute changes or arrangements.
  • 做好宴会的接待,更改或安排工作。

  • Control labor and operating expenses through effective scheduling, budgeting, purchasing decisions, and inventory and cash control.
  • 通过有效的行程安排,预算单,采购决定,库存清单管理及现金管理,控制劳动力和营运花销。

  • Observe physical condition of facilities and equipment in the department and make recommendations for corrections and improvements as needed.
  • 做好部门内所有设施和设备的维护工作,如需要,对于设备的改进提出建设性建议。

  • Establishes par stock and control of operating equipments to ensure smooth operation of the department.
  • 确保足够的库存,合理安排营运设备,使部门正常营运。

  • Establish short-term and long-term goals of the department according to business opportunities.
  • 根据业务情况,制定好部门的短期和长期目标。

  • Comply with Four Seasons’ Category One and Category Two Work Rules and Standards of Conduct as set forth in EmPact.
  • 遵守四季员工手册工作行为规范中的第一部分和第二部分。

  • Work harmoniously and professionally with co-workers and supervisors.
  • 与员工和主管保持专业,和谐的工作关系。

  • Excellent Chinese communication skills.
  • 优秀的中文沟通能力。


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西湖区, 杭州市, China
F&B other
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