Director of Sales
Director of Sales

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Director of Sales

About the job

People Leadership Skills

1.         The ability to recruit, select and familiarize sales department personnel with the Hotel and their functions.

2.         The ability to train and guide sales department personnel in the performance of their duties as to specific position responsibilities, performance techniques, reporting procedures, etc.

3.         The ability to conduct performance evaluations and follow up with sales department personnel.

4.         The ability to perform all supervisory functions to effectively and efficiently manage the personnel assigned.

-           The ability to identify and control work relationships, areas of accountability and performance of the personnel assigned.

-           The ability to determine, in conjunction with the Director of Marketing, the standards of  performance as a basis to review progress of personnel assigned.

-           The ability to recommend salary adjustments, transfers, promotions and dismissals.

-           The ability to ensure proper training of assigned personnel.

-           The ability to foster a cooperative and harmonious working climate conducive to maximum employee morale and productivity.

-           The ability to develop individuals for future advancement.

5.         The ability to assume responsibility for the Marketing Department in the absence of the Director of Marketing.

Maximizes Hotel Revenue

6.         The ability to direct sales activities of the hotel to achieve budgeted goals.

7.         The ability to monitor and identify current and future business trends to insure profitable sales in periods of low and high demand.

8.         The ability to negotiate and achieve maximum revenue/profit potential while satisfying client's needs.

9.         The ability to assume the responsibility for leading and directing the hotel's group and individual room sales activity.

10.       The ability to be proactive and creative in developing sales and marketing solutions.


11.       The ability to assist in the development of the annual marketing plan.

12.       The ability to ensure projects are executed for all market areas as stated in the hotel marketing plan with emphasis on increasing sales and profitability.

13.       The ability to review market analysis and determine client needs, occupancy potential, rates desired, etc.

14.       The ability to supervise the installation of sales and marketing procedures and ensure the hotel is in compliance with all company Minimum Operating Standards.

15.       The ability to use and take advantage of company provided Marketing "Tools."

16.       The ability to analyze sales statistics against booked vs. consumed business.


17.       The ability to actively sell and manage his/her key accounts and territory as #1 priority.

18.       The ability to negotiate and confirm sales.

19.       The ability to achieve personal quota.

20.       The ability to lead by setting the example of utilizing approved methods of handling sales accounts.

21.       The ability to contact customers in-house to promote good will and foster additional business, repeat bookings or referrals to other Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts.

22.       The ability to demonstrate leadership through drive and effort in the area of sales territory development.

23.       The ability to foster good communication and work productively with all Worldwide Sales Offices.

24.       The ability to develop a program resulting in the achievement of annual departmental goals for leads sent to other Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts.

25.       The ability to insure that the sales staff sells all hotel products.

26.       The ability to enhance the hotel's community image and stay abreast of the competition, new developments and sales methods and techniques in the hotel industry to maximize sales and profitability.

Managing Sales Activity

27.       The ability to assist the Director of Marketing in establishing and directing the development of annual sales goals; ensures goals and incentive programs are fully understood and implemented in the hotel.

28.       The ability to direct the reporting and appraising of results against planned objectives;

              coordinates sales staff activities; takes appropriate action to maximize sales and affect need periods.

29.       The ability to control data, availability, and rate on guest rooms and function space.

30.       The ability to establish group room night and average rate goals based on marketing plan and overall objectives.

31.       The ability to manage transient and group room commitments to ensure proper market mix.

32.       The ability to manage function space allocation for group and catering bookings based on established guidelines and procedures.

33.       The ability to review sales and catering work files to ascertain a proper exchange of information between hotel and client.

34.       The ability to support Sales Managers by participating in solving problems of guest room and function space conflicts, salvaging of accounts which have threatened cancellation.

35.       The ability to ensure communication of Sales Managers between other Department Heads is maintained to maximize the guest experience and hotel profitability.

36.       The ability to coordinate special sales activities, promotions, sales trips, trade shows, etc.

37.       The ability to keep immediate supervisor promptly and fully informed of all problems or unusual matters of significance coming to his/her attention so prompt corrective action can be taken where appropriate.

38.       The ability to perform all responsibilities in a timely and efficient manner, following established policy and projecting a favorable image of Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts to achieve objectives, public recognition and acceptance.

39.       The ability to coordinate and implement all sales department action plans.

40.       The ability to prepare reports as requested to develop a more informative data base for improved management decision making and critical evaluation of work activities.

Internal Communications

41.       The ability to oversee the coordination of various department's activities related to booked business to ensure customer satisfaction and hotel profitability.

42.       The ability to conduct and/or attend meetings to maintain favorable working relationships among employees and to promote maximum morale, productivity and efficiency.

Hotel Systems

43.       The ability to utilize computerized operational systems (Delphi, FO system, etc...)

44.       The ability to understand, utilize and supervise the installation of automated sales and reservations systems.

45.       The ability to set up and implement or follow existing systems to ensure that sales programs achieve projected results.

Business Involvement

46.       The ability to assist in the preparation of the budget and ensure the department operates within cost constraints, i.e. direct selling costs, etc.

47.       The ability to be continuously be aware of current and forecasted financial/business performance.

48.       The ability to coordinate sales activities with other business activities and other divisions.

"Generic Skills"

49.       The ability to actively contribute names of qualified Sales and Marketing candidates to the Job Bank.

50.       The ability to be a sound analyzer and problem solver

51.       The ability to be a "do-er

Director of Sales

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