Guest Room Attendant
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Guest Room Attendant

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Guest Room Attendant

About the job

Job Title: Guest Room Attendant 

Department: Housekeeping  

Reports to: Assistant Housekeeping Manager 

Scope and purpose of the position: Reporting directly to the Floor supervisor, the Room Attendant is responsible for the cleanliness and supplying of guest rooms and the comfort of all hotel guests as set by the hotel procedures and standards. 

Main Duties & Responsibilities: 

  • Is directly responsible for the day to day key processes in his/her area of work. 

  • Assists his/her supervisor in executing the day to day operational requirements. 

  • Assumes training responsibilities when required; demonstrates a high degree of standards awareness; promotes teamwork and acts as role model. 

  • Attends all scheduled training sessions. 

  • Actively offers operational, employee and customer (internal and external) related feedback to management. 

  • Displays warmth, care and genuine enthusiasm when dealing with guests and internal customers; lives the Golden Rule. 

  • Adheres to the hotel's code of conduct and grooming & hygiene standards. 

  • Is seen as working hands-on, assists colleagues in crunch times; walks the talk. 

  • Actively participates in briefings and meetings. 

  • Maintains a clean and orderly work area and promotes a safe working environment. 

  • Performs any additional duties as assigned. 

  • Cleans and self-inspects guest rooms as assigned and in accordance with hotel standards. 

  • Possesses a high degree of product knowledge and relevant technical skills. Keeps abreast of events in the hotel. 

  • Provides genuine hospitality and recognition in the work area. Promotes hotel services and products. 

  • Anticipates guest needs and takes ownership of guest concerns and requests; acts decisively to ensure guest satisfaction. Offers a special service touch when an opportunity is presented. 

  • Is proficient in the safe handling of all relevant equipment and machinery; reports defects and accidents to management immediately. Is competent in MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) procedures and trained in accident response. 

  • To maintain a high standard of personal appearance – ensuring that your uniform is clean and presentable. Hair should be clean and tidy. 

  • To be responsible for collecting and signing for work sheet and master key at the start of duty. Report any loss of key immediately. 

  • To be responsible for reporting any malfunctioning equipment. 

  • To immediately report and hand into Housekeeping Office any property or guest keys found in ‘check out’ rooms. 

  • To be responsible for keeping guest doors closed whilst servicing the guestroom and using ‘We are servicing your room’ sign. 

  • To carry out any other cleaning duties as specified by your Supervisor. 

  • To keep service pantries tidy and correctly stocked, and closed at all times when not in use. Must ensure working equipment is always clean, tidy and in good working order.  

  • To be responsible for reporting to Supervisor the rooms which do not require service or which have DND signs in his / her assigned area. 

  • To report to supervisor any blankets, bedspreads, valances etc. that need changing. 

  • To complete deep cleaning of rooms as allocated by Supervisor. 

  • To report to your supervisor anything or anyone suspicious. 

  • To report to the supervisor anything this may be a Health and Safety hazard. 

  • To complete accurately the control lists at times as advised by your Supervisor. 

  • To report any missing items from rooms e.g. bathrobes, soap dishes etc. 

  • To clean and make up all rooms to the standard required by Four Seasons. 

  • Attends to guest and internal customers’ calls and coordinates with concerned departments to ensure timely and efficient service delivery. 

Standard Duties: 

  • To provide a friendly and professional service that always exceeds guests’ expectations. 

  • To ensure you read the hotel's employee handbook and have an understanding of and adhere to the hotel's rules and regulations and in particular, the policies and procedures relating to Fire, Hygiene, Health and Safety. 

  • To undertake other duties and responsibilities which, while outside the normal routine, are within the overall scope of the position. 

  • To report for duty punctually wearing professional attire. To maintain a high standard of personal appearance and hygiene and adhere to the hotel and department personal appearance standards. 

  • To comply with local legislation as required. 

  • To maintain good working relationships with your colleagues and all other departments through working by The Golden Rule. 

  • To respond to any changes in the division as dictated by the needs of the industry, company or hotel. 

  • To be flexible and extend job duties to carry out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities within the job capability as assigned, including redeployment to alternative departments/areas if required, to meet business demands and guest service needs. 

  • Conduct and attend training sessions as outlined. 

  • Perform other tasks or projects as assigned by the Assistant Housekeeping Manager. 


Guest Room Attendant

Athens, Greece

Full-time, Indefinite

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