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Director of Food Safety

hosco Talent Search on behalf of a leading hospitality group in Bahrain


Director of Food Safety

Job Description

• Overall responsible for Quality assurance and food safety management system for Bakery production, Catering units and Farm.
• Design, develop and implement departmental policies and procedures related to Quality Assurance, Food Safety and HACCP.
• Development of food safety Management system, a uniform food safety system for catering, bakery operation and farm.
• Product development of Bakery products such as breads and cakes etc.
• Improvement of existing food products in operation by implementing quality assurance procedures throughout the process from receiving, storage, processing, packaging and dispatch.• Implementation of food safety procedures throughout the catering and bakery operation from purchasing, receiving, storage, processing / preparation, service/ dispatch.
• Organize scheduled Management review meetings to evaluate and ensure the system’s development and performance.
• Conduct quality checks including metal detection, weight checks, visual inspection and temperature checks.
• Supplier evaluation and audits, conduct inspections of raw materials.
• Conduct internal food safety/QA Periodic Audits and inspections for Hygiene, HACCP-Food Safety and Quality in all areas, where appropriate, eg restaurants/Bakery, and identify the areas of improvements based on audit results.
• Monitoring of policies related to glass and brittle plastic, sharp objects, wood materials and allergens apart from the microbiological hazards.
• Design, develop, document and implement GHPs (Good Hygiene Practices).
• Circulate all non-conformities highlighted in both internal and external audits to all relevant departments involved and follow up on all non- conformities to ensure corrective action is taken.
• Analyse food safety hazards/risks and non-conformities.
• Plan, prepare and evaluate different training programs, in accordance to the Quality and food safety principles and internal audits.
• Advise food handlers by formal and informal training on food safety and quality assurance policies and procedures.
• Carry out the induction training of all staff to ensure that they are fully aware of HACCP, food safety and hygiene rules and regulations before commencing work.
• Plan and prepare the training need analysis and schedule training programmes commensurate with the work activities as required.
• Train and counsel staff by providing constructive feedback to enhance performance and take disciplinary action(s) if required in co-ordination with Unit Manager(s).
• Plan and prepare training implementation programme.
• Ensure staff health records are complete, accurate and up to date. Human Resources to be given updated records as appropriate.
• Ensure the policy of staff reporting illness is implemented and relevant records are kept.
• Design, develop, document and implement cleaning schedules and monitoring programme.
• Preparation and implementation of Preventive Maintenance programme.
• Implement and monitor integrated pest management system.
• Ensure all measuring devices are calibrated.
• Waste management and environment control in relation to hazards.
• Plan and implement the traceability system in keeping with policies, procedures and systems.
• Develop and implement quality standards for foods and packaging material supplies.
• Packaging of sandwiches and other products in bakery operation and advice on nutritional information on the packaging.
• Conduct packaging intact testing for packed items and verify the nutritional, expiry and product information on packet.
• Assist in food facility designing, layout, installation, re-structuring and re-engineering.
• Spot monitoring the personnel hygiene of all staff and regular inspections.
• Conduct microbiological analysis of food, water and swab samples throughout the group


o Bachelor of Science in Food Technology / Food Microbiology or equivalent technical experience, or food safety and quality assurance qualifications from recognised / certified examine body.
o 8 – 10 years’ experience in food safety and QA processes, procedures.
o Excellent communication skills, verbal and written and the ability to do so at all different levels.
o Ability to plan, organises, effectively direct, assign, and reviews the activities and duties of the food safety team.
o Excellent leadership and interpersonal skills and ability.
o Analytical abilities.
o Computer skills essential


Job type
F&B Management, Management
Starting in
As soon as possible
Contract duration
More than 1 year
Pay range
Competitive Salary plus Bonus

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