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Head of Internal Audit

hosco Talent Search on behalf of a leading hospitality group in Bahrain


Head of Internal Audit

Job Description

Internal Auditor function involves evaluating and assessing the financials, operational and IT practices in the organization. Further the job involves ensuring that all the best and relevant management practices are followed in other departments like Accounts, HR, Purchasing, Sales, Operations etc. Internal auditor is responsible to offer recommendations for the top management on ways to mitigate financial risk. Internal auditor focuses primarily on the reviewing and strengthening internal controls of the company.

• Manage and supervise all internal auditing activities for the business
• Analyze the financial processes of a company, identifying risk within business practices and evaluating the controls put in place to counter these
• Ensuring that compliance to local or international rules and regulations is fully followed by the company by regular review, reporting and follow up
• Improve business performance through risk management and control
• Review and mitigate risk arising from use of IT system across the Group

• Develop annual internal audit plan for each department including IT function and get it approved by Board of Directors/ CEO
• Prioritize the internal audit functions based on risk assessment
• Explain the scope and objectives of the audit engagement and provide an overview of all steps in the audit process
• Knowledge and understanding of business processes in scope for assigned audit and documenting the processes in flowcharts and/or process narratives.
• Identify and document inherent risks and controls within the business processes
Fieldwork, reporting and follow up
• Develop a risk-based test plan by selecting appropriate audit approach
• To determine sampling criteria based on professional judgment and departmentally defined internal audit methodology
• Perform audit tests and prepare working papers in accordance with professional International Internal Audit (IIA) standards.
• Evaluate the adequacy of process design and the effectiveness of controls in meeting business and control objectives.
• Identify and document control and process weaknesses and provide evidential support for findings
• Propose practical and value-added recommendations to address control weaknesses and/or process inefficiencies
• Participate in closing meetings with department head at the end of fieldwork, providing clear explanations for identified issues Reporting
• Assist in the preparation of a concise and informative audit report to effectively communicate the findings and recommendations to the branch/department and senior management.

Other Responsibilities
• Supports the management and department in implementation of the internal audit recommendations.
• Contributes to the safeguarding of company assets and the interests that appropriate internal controls are in place and operating effectively
• Provide value added recommendations to mitigate project and business risks
• Develops and maintains effective and professional working relationships with all levels of staff within the organization, including Senior Management and Audit Committee of the Board
• Conducts investigations of suspected internal fraud, misappropriation or misallocation
• Provide support to departments with regard to the adequate design and execution of risk management processes
• Collect, co-ordinate and information for the quarterly Audit Committee meeting


• Knowledge of basic IFRS/accounting standards related to Staff Benefits
• Attention to detail
• Organization and time-keeping skills
• Working knowledge of professional IIA performance standards with regarding to planning, testing, sampling and documentation
• Knowledge of company policies and procedures
• Ability to assess and evaluate risk, plus implement solutions
• Excellent reporting skills
• Sufficient knowledge of IT system and risk mitigation techniques
• The ability to keep calm under pressure, especially when there are tight deadlines
• The ability to think objectively


Job type
IT & Technology, Finance & Accounting
Arabic optional, English
Starting in
As soon as possible
Contract duration
More than 1 year
Pay range
Competitive Salary plus Bonus

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