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International Trainee Network - ITN


Job description

ITN is excited to announce their annual HOSCO Scholarship Program Competition! ITN believes that a Cultural Exchange Program should be accessible to all HOSCO members. If you are an ambitious student who wants a chance to experience the excitement of the United States on a J-1 program, then click on the link below to find out more about ITN’s Scholarship Program Competition! Time and entries are limited so submit your entry ASAP!

Participants will have to submit their resume for review to determine if they meet the competition requirements and the requirements of the J-1 Program.
After that, participants will have to submit a 1-minute long video explaining why the United States Hospitality industry is unique and why you want to train in the United States specifically.


Competition Eligibility Requirements:

•Must be a Hosco Member and Follow the International Trainee Network.
•Must be a valid passport holder.
•Candidate cannot be a returnee.
•Candidate cannot be registered for a program with ITN already.
•Must meet the requirements for the J-1 Visa

Participants must submit their resume to ITN by March 26th, 2018
Eligible candidates will submit their video to ITN on April 9th, 2018
Job type
Los Angeles, CA, United States
F&B kitchen, F&B service, Front Office reception
Starting in
As soon as possible
Latest start date
April 2018
12 months
Pay range
Other benefits
The winner of the ITN/ODYSSEY Scholarship competition will win a FREE 12 month J-1 Program worth $3770 in the United States!

International Trainee Network - ITN

The International Trainee Network (ITN) is a cultural exchange organization based in Los Angeles, California with over 15 years of experience working with the J-1 Visa Exchange Program.

ITN is currently the largest provider of J-1 luxury hospitality programs in the United States thanks to our network of 5 international ITN offices, 40 international partner universities and over 170 partner hotels.

Our mission is to provide culturally immersive experiences and world-class hospitality training to students and young professionals from around the world. Enrolling in an international exchange program is the beginning of a journey that can impact your life both professionally and personally.

We invite you to begin your journey with us!

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