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The Winner will win a Free 12-Month J-1 Program worth $3995 in the USA!
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International Trainee Network and Odyssey International Exchange is partnering up with Hosco again in order to provide a unique chance for one hardworking and motivated young professional to win a free J-1 Training Program worth $3995. If you are an ambitious student who wants a chance to experience the excitement of the United States on a J-1 program, then click on the link above to find out more about ITN and Odyssey’s Scholarship Program Competition. The requirements of the competition can be found also below under General requirements!

Time and entries are limited so submit your entry as soon as possible!

About you

Competition requirements:
1. Participants will have to submit their resumes on this Hosco competition post for the J-1 visa eligibility check. We will review the resume to determine if the candidate meets the competition requirements and the requirements of the J-1 visa.

2. We will inform you via Hosco messages if you are eligible for a J-1 hospitality internship or trainee program. If eligible and meeting requirements, the participants will have to submit to us a minimum 1-minute-long video.

3. Video Requirements:
The video has to be filmed either outside, at your school or workplace, and you can be as creative as possible. You must be in the video and answer the following questions:
- In your perspective, what was the impact of the recent global pandemic on the hospitality industry?
- In a post-pandemic world, how a J-1 internship or trainee program will help you achieve your hospitality career goals and get back to your career journey?
- What are your hospitality career goals?
More information on how to submit the video will be sent to you after the eligibility check through Hosco messages. Please make sure you check Hosco messages daily.

* Participants must submit their resumes by July 15, 2022, at 12 P.M. PST.
* Eligible candidates will submit their video to ITN by August 15, 2022, at 12 P.M. PST.

Eligibility Requirements:
- Must be a Hosco member and follow International Trainee Network.
- Must be a valid passport holder.
- The candidate must be eligible for a J-1 hospitality internship or trainee program in the United States.
- The candidate cannot have participated before in a J-1 internship or trainee program with us.
- The candidate cannot be registered for a program with ITN already.

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The company

The International Trainee Network (ITN) is a cultural exchange organization based in Los Angeles, California with almost 20 years of experience working with the J-1 Visa Exchange Program.

ITN is currently the largest provider of J-1 luxury hospitality programs in the United States thanks to our network of 6 international ITN offices, 40 international partner universities and over 200 partner hotels.

Our mission is to provide culturally immersive experiences and world-class hospitality training to students and young professionals from around the world. Enrolling in an international exchange program is the beginning of a journey that can impact your life both professionally and personally.

We invite you to begin your journey with us!

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Los Angeles, CA, United States

Internship, 12 months

Start Date:As soon as possible