Assistant Chinese Restaurant Manager 中餐厅副经理

[{{ $ | translate}}] Assistant Chinese Restaurant Manager 中餐厅副经理
Kerry Hotel, Beijing


Job description


Kerry Hotel, Beijing



Kerry Hotel, Beijing is an urban lifestyle destination where the hotel and neighborhood seamlessly connect and create a space where everyone is welcome. It is vibrant and buzzing with life and activity defined by a spirited style and a careful attentiveness.



People are the heart of Kerry Hotel, Beijing, and we invite you to be a part of this positive energy.




Overall responsible for the administration and operations of the sections appointed in the F&B division. He / She will maximize profits, maintain food/ beverage / service quality and ensure customer satisfaction.



  •    General Knowledge一般知识
  •    Operations / Communications运营管理/交流
  •    Fire and Life Safety消防和生命安全
  •    Hygiene and Food Safety卫生和食品安全
  •    Staffing / Training员工管理/培训
  •    Cost Control成本控制
  •    Marketing / Planning市场销售和战略规划




  • Physically fit身体健康
  • Neat appearance衣装整洁
  • Articulate口才好
  • Oral and written fluency in English英语口语和书写流利
  • Diploma / Degree in food and beverage/ hospitality management餐饮/服务管理专业,大专/本科学历
  • Minimum 2 years experience in an international class hotel在国际酒店有至少2年的相关工作经验
  • Motivator and self starter鼓励他人,严于律己
  • Displays initiative工作积极主动
  • Commitment to professional values 追求职业价值
  • Team leader/ builder团队合作者
  • Customer/ people oriented顾客/员工至上
  • Creative/ open-minted富于创造性/思想开放
  • Flexible and adaptable to different working locations灵活机动,能适应各种不同的工作环境
  • Computer knowledgeable相关电脑知识
  • Finance knowledgeable相关财务知识


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Job type
Fulltime job
Lake Hills, Bellevue, WA, United States
F&B other
Starting in
As soon as possible

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