ADD Kitchen Chef 全日开放餐厅厨房厨师长

[{{ $ | translate}}] ADD Kitchen Chef 全日开放餐厅厨房厨师长
Midtown Shangri-La, Hangzhou

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Midtown Shangri-La, Hangzhou


Midtown Shangri-La, Hangzhou 杭州城中香格里拉大酒店

Midtown Shangri-La Hangzhou is located in West Lake Hubin Area, within 5-10 minutes’ walking distance of West Lake and subway. It lies at intra-city transportation hub, and is convenient to places of interests, such as Lingyin Temple, Hefang Street, Broken Bridge, and Su Causeway. The hotel is part of the Kerry Centre complex, which would offer choices of cinemas, supermarket, restaurants and entertainment.

The hotel is comprised of various room types, offering West Lake views from the Lakeview Room and luxury Horizon Benefits in Horizon Club room and above. Guests may choose to dine at one of our 4 on-site restaurants. Central Market offers a wide variety of buffet food options. Midtown Brewery is an ideal place for relaxing with a craft beer during night. The Great Lounge is suitable for business with delicious afternoon tea. For Hangzhou cuisine, Huaiyang cuisine and Dim Sum is available at Chengzhong Chinese Restaurant.


紧邻杭州交通枢纽,可便捷前往灵隐寺、河坊街、断桥、苏堤等景点,酒店所在的嘉里中心,可提供电影院、超市、美食、休闲等多种选择。在杭州城中香格里拉, 您仿佛置身于都市中心那一片历史悠久的典雅度假胜地。



We are looking for a ADD Kitchen Chef

As a ADD Kitchen Chef, we rely on you to

-  参与菜单的计划和成本核算工作,和行政总厨一起编制和管理部门预算;
    Participate in menu planning and cost accounting work, prepare and manage departmental budget together with executive chef.
-  协助组织特别活动和特别食品促销活动;
    Assist in organizing special events and special food promotion activities;
-  保持对产品的综合性知识的了解,包括配料、设备、供应商、市场和当前趋势,并相应的建议厨房运作部进行适当调整;
    Maintain a comprehensive knowledge of the product, including ingredients, equipment, suppliers, markets and current trends, and recommend appropriate adjustments to the kitchen Operations department;
-  为客人提供新鲜食物,都要持续保证食物的高品质,充分体现餐厅风格及经营理念;
    To provide guests with fresh food, we must continue to ensure the high quality of food, fully embodies the restaurant style and business philosophy;
-  密切监督烹饪及员工工作,协调他们的工作任务,确保经济省时的出品;
    Supervise the cooking and staff work closely, coordinate their work tasks and ensure the production of the economy;
-  确保食物准备及烹饪的方法,食物的尺寸规格,以及食物的装饰等,按照所规定的标准去准备;
    To ensure that food preparation and cooking methods, food size specifications, as well as food decoration, according to the prescribed standards to prepare;
-  管理和培训属下员工,和行政总厨一起进行人力规划和管理需求
    Manage and train its staff, work with executive chef for manpower Planning and management needs
-  建立及加强食品营养及餐厅的卫生环境;
     To establish and strengthen food nutrition and restaurant hygiene environment;


We are looking for someone who :

-  要求具有烹饪领域的领导经验;
    Requires leadership experience in the culinary field;
-  有烹饪领域的文凭/证书者优先;
   Diploma/Certificate in culinary field is preferred;
-  食品服务许可或当地政府规定的有效的卫生或健康上岗证;
    A food service license or an effective health or health certificate as prescribed by the local government;


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Midtown Shangri-La, Hangzhou


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Lake Hills, Bellevue, WA, United States
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