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Revenue Management
  • 运用所有的市场工具,准备每周和每月的房间占有率和平均房价的营业预测报告。

To prepare weekly and monthly rooms occupancy and average rate forecast through the use of Business Intelligence and Revenue Management applications (IDeaS software where available).

  • 协助管理团队和散客的房间状态,确保使用最佳的策略和控制使利润最大化。

To assist with inventory and forecasting methods of both FIT and group business, to ensure optimal strategies and controls are in place to minimise displacement and maximise total hotel revenues.

  • 通过房态使用情况和价格管理为有效实现利润目标的过程提供战略性建议。

To provide strategic consultation on effective revenue generating processes through Spirit / Reserve inventory usage, rate control management, pricing and distribution.

  • 确保最佳的房态控制给团队和散客销售。

To ensure optimal inventory controls are in place for FIT / Group and for the hotel as a whole.

  • 详细说明所有折扣策略符合客户需求的套餐产品信息。

To define discounting strategies and adapt product packaging according to customer needs and consistency of product delivery.

  • 组织每周收益会议,讲解即将到来的收益管理策略和挑战。

To conduct Weekly Yield / Revenue Meeting, presenting the upcoming revenue management tactics and challenges.

  • 紧密检测竞争对手及市场波动的所有价格信息。

To monitor and constantly adapt pricing tactics in the context of competitor strategies and market fluctuations.

  • 检测及确保所有分销渠道是符合凯悦国际的价格策略。

To ensure the inventory distribution through all channels is in line with Hyatt’s distribution strategy and closely monitor business shifts between channels (Channel Management).

  • 优化并监控酒店搜索优化策略(SEO)
To optimize and monitor the hotels search optimization strategies (SEO).
  • 根据凯悦集团的政策和指导,协助市场行销部总监寻找并评估销售渠道。

To find and evaluate new channels of distribution in liaison with the hotel’s Director of Sales & Marketing / Sales and in-line the Hyatt’s Corporate policies and guidelines.

  • 管理第三方零售分销渠道,确保以优化的方式出现在他们的网站上。定期联系第三方在线供应商并创建不同的生产和市场份额的目标。

To manage the 3rd party retail channels of distribution and ensure optimal presence on their sites. Liaise with 3rd party on-line vendors on a regular basis and create distinct production and market share goals.

  • 联系销售部门寻找传统销售的机会,并使用新的B2B和B2C在线销售渠道。

Liaise with the Sales department in finding opportunities to convert traditional wholesale business to and be present on existing and new B2B and B2C on-line distribution channels.

  • 根据凯悦集团的政策和指导,在价格谈判时确保现有的联系是可用的,以及灵活定价方式,。

Ensure existing connectivity is utilized and dynamic pricing forms the bas when negotiating margins, in line with Hyatt’s Corporate policies and guidelines.

  • 确保每日定价策略(DPS)的优化,必要时审查并协助重新定价策略(在酒店,已转化为DPS,适用每日房价优化率)。

To ensure Daily Pricing Strategies (DPS) are optimized and to review and assist in the re-design of the pricing strategies if necessary (in hotels that have converted to DPS, otherwise Rate of the Day optimization is applicable).

  • 为Hyatt.com建议并实施酒店的定价和分销策略,确保房价和优惠活动符合酒店整体的定价策略。

To recommend and implement the hotel’s pricing and distribution strategy for, ensuring the room rate and special offers are in line with the hotels overall pricing strategy.

  • 与行销企划部经理保持联系,确保房价和优惠活动在Hyatt.com上都是最更新的。

Liaise with Marketing Communications Manager in ensuring room rate and special offers information on the is updated.

  • 通过有效的市场趋势分析、发现新的商业机会、有效地管理资料库、收益管理及价格策略,协助市场总监/销售总监以及各营收部门不断实现利润最大化。

To assist all the revenue departments in maximising revenue and yield through business trend analysis, highlighting areas of opportunity and ensuring delivery and maintenance of optimum data mining, revenue management, pricing and distribution strategies on an ongoing basis.

  • 协助市场销售部总监/ 销售总监准备月度市场会议-讨论酒店未来的销售方向和市场营销策略,解决关键问题并评价过去的策略。

To assist the Director of Sales & Marketing / Director of Sales in the preparation of the Monthly Marketing Meeting – the forum to discuss the hotel’s future sales and marketing tactics and strategies, addressing critical issues and evaluate past strategies.

  • 追踪及反馈酒店市场途径、程序及系统使用的有效性,包括商业机会、收益管理、房态管理及灵活而强竞争力的价格策略。

To monitor and provide feedback on the hotel’s effective use of Hyatt systems, tools and procedures in areas of business intelligence, revenue management, inventory management and dynamic pricing to maximise Hyatt’s competitive advantage in the marketplace.

  • 在酒店营运过程中确保资料库的有效性和真实性。

To manage the re-engineering and enforcement of business processes in all areas to ensure data cleanliness and data integrity.

  • 为前厅部的员工提供必要的培训,目的是确保他们在入住和退房过程中可以获取有效的资料协助市场分析工作。

To conduct training with Front Office employees to ensure correct procedures are in place at check in and check out to ensure the availability and validity of data for analysis.

  • 与市场销售总监/销售总监一起确保凯悦的战术营销计划是通过当地的相关市场活动,如有针对性的时事通讯或当地的广告。

To ensure together with the Director of Sales & Marketing / Sales that Hyatt’s Tactical Marketing Plan is supported where relevant through local marketing activities such as targeted newsletters or local advertisement.

  • 根据Cognos和Opera的历史资料为市场团队提供有效的分析数字。

To provide the hotel Marketing Team with business intelligence based on Cognos data mining solutions and secondary resources (PMS reports).

  • 确保Cognos系统内数据的准确和有效性。

To ensure the accuracy and validity of the data presented in the Cognos cubes.

  • 通过各种市场工具及渠道,提供酒店同行和直接竞争对手的分析报告。

To provide the hotel team with external market intelligence using tools such as Competitive Intelligence, Rate View, Future Pace, Omniture and Internet web sites and other corporate resources.

  • 合理利用各种外部内部的资源,协助市场/销售总监使用有效的市场策略并提供可衡量的策略指数。

To guide the Hotel Executive Team to have a structured approach to tactical and strategic marketing in liaison with the Director of Sales & Marketing, using all internal and external tools available and providing standard analytical reporting to ensure the adopted tactics are measurable (i.e. promotion tracking).

  • 与市场销售部总监和相关部门的餐厅经理/ 总监,对所有收益部门采取深入地市场分析, 包括餐饮部、宴会服务和水疗中心,推荐的长期和短期策略。

To undertake in depth business analysis, for all revenue generating departments including Food & Beverage, Event and Spa, making recommendations on long-term strategies and short term tactics in liaison with the Director of Sales & Marketing and the respective Outlet Manager / Director.

  • 协助餐饮部(餐厅和宴会服务)建立和维护客人的数据(凯悦美食汇)。

To assist the Food & Beverage Department (outlets and event) in establishing and maintaining customer databases (Club at the Hyatt)

  • 确保全酒店都按照指导方针进行数据收集,数据录入,数据清理和数据使用,定期组织相关部门的培训。

Ensure the guidelines for data collection, data input, data cleaning and data usage are being followed throughout the hotel and conduct regular training to the relevant departments.

  • 定期开展前厅、市场销售部,预订部的市场标准培训,如访问目的,市场率/ 分割率等并讲解他们在市场分析的重要性。

To conduct regular training to Front Office, Sales and Marketing, Reservations on the definition of the marketing standard codes i.e. Purpose of Visit, Rate Markets / Segmentation etc. and their importance in marketing analysis.

  • 协助市场/销售总监制定销售策略方向,及协助销售经理根据个人的商业计划及客户资源实现月度商业目标。

To assist the Director of Sales & Marketing / Sales in the strategic direction of the Sales Team by assisting the Sales Managers with their Personal Business Plans, corporate account classification (key account management) as well as ensuring monthly reporting needs are met.

  • 连续不断的发展和更新酒店理想市场份额信息,并根据这些信息使酒店达到利润最大化的目标。

To constantly develop and update the hotel’s “ideal” customer segmentation that leads to the highest overall profitability and to make recommendations based on the findings.



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Revenue Management
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