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Selina Hostels

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Job description

You are a multi-task, resourceful, imaginative, curious citizen of the world who enjoys challenges, fast pace, moving around and learning something new every day. Change is your ally and creativity your best friend. You are ready to jump in at any time and wear many hats because you value the growth you can have by learning to do it all.

Most of your responsibilities are (but not limited to):


Making sure location stands in one with the company goals and branding

Support on supervising all staff schedules

Support on managing budgets

Planning work schedules for individuals and teams

Meeting and greeting customers

Send invoices to accounting department

Dealing with contractors and suppliers

Support on handling customer complaints and queries

Ensuring compliance with health and safety legislation and licensing laws

Ensuring security is effective;

Providing F&B daily and monthly report to headquarters

Ensure all professionals in F&B are following the protocol

Support recruitment of F&B employees

Support on supervising F&B areas

Building and following onboarding & training schedule for F&B employees

Apply all F&B protocols with workers and F&B areas

Doing weekly orders for F&B department by Protocol

Feeding F&B inventory follow up sheet on daily basis

Making sure that waste protocol is being done

Writing and following Daily / Weekly/ Monthly task lists for all department.

Making sure that all maintenance protocols of F&B areas are being followed.

Writing and following opening/shift change/ closing checklist and protocol for all F&B departments.


In charge of operating Selina’s events happening in the playground space.

Be the contact person with all artists, dj’s, relevant event personal for the location.

Support DJ’s & artists scheduled for the location.

Building schedule of events at the hostel at the playground

Producing special events according to Events strategy

In charge of reaching new artists from local community and travelers and approve them with head of events.

Feedbacking reports of artists who performed at Selina for future relevance.

Publish monthly schedule for the location events.

Sinergy with Marketing team to post all events

In charge of verifying that the right playlists are playing.

In charge of Selina sound visual equipment maintenance & operation.

In charge of decorating F&B area with concepts approved

In charge of updating location manager with monthly event schedule to insure dedicated volunteers for general work in event.

Delivering events on time, within budget, that meet and hopefully exceed expectations.

In charge of local marketing of events and parties - staff with flyers posters cool local places, word of mouth etc.

Coordinate and verifying online/SM Marketing of events with Mkt department.


2 years of experience in managing roles in hospitality industry

F&B background

Event producing knowledge

Marketing experience

Excellent attention to small details

Customer Service skills

Excellent communication skills

English and Spanish advanced
Job type
Fulltime job
Panama City, Panama
F&B service
English, Spanish (optional)
Starting in
As soon as possible
Positions available

Selina Hostels

Selina is re-imagining the modern day hostel by converging co-work and co-play spaces for digital nomads. Your after-work and lunch break activities at Selina allow you to explore cultures, exchange knowledge, and live a fun, adventurous life. If surfing the internet is just as important as surfing world-class waves then you’ve chosen the right place. The world is your office. But your office is now a community. A place that inspires dreamers and doers; a culture of possibility. A connected series of work destinations where you can intersect and collide with diverse international world views, and exchange knowledge in a healthy, sustainable, and intentionally designed environment. We are where daydreams are made; a place you won’t want to leave.

Selina is carefully designed for those with a zest for life, and appreciation for conscious living. All of the furniture and fixtures are hand-crafted by up-cycling found trash, rubble, and debris and giving second life to previously consumed resources. To accomplish scaling at this rate with such artisan craftsmanship, Selina's Creative Director has been training ex-gang members to be carpenters, builders, and welders.

We are quickly growing from 3 locations currently to 10 by the end of 2016, and over 90 locations within the next 4 years, creating hundreds of new jobs and positively impacting Panama's economy.

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