FO - Front Office Manager

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Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre


Job description

Marriott Hotels, Marriott International’s flagship brand with more than 500 global locations, is advancing the art of hosting so that our guests can travel brilliantly. As a host with Marriott Hotels, you will help keep this promise by delivering premium choices, sophisticated style, and well-crafted details. With your skills and imagination, together we will innovate and reinvent the future of travel.
Construction of the largest full-service Marriott-branded hotel in Shanghai, Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre opened its doors on 24 November, 2011. Located aside People's Square and Park on Xi Zang (Middle) Road, the Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre enjoys a premium downtown location. Nanjing Pedestrian Street is a 30 second stroll from the hotel's street entrance. The BUND, Suzhou Creek and the lively Xintiandi are all within easy walking distance.
Lead the team in Front Office to achieve better service standards in terms of guests and associates satisfaction.  Ensuring the department is well maintained and keeping with the company’s integrity and image.  Organizing adequate training for all associates in Front Office for their self improvement.  Ensure associates are practicing a balance of work and personal life schedule. Areas of jurisdiction will be Front Desk, Guest Service, Concierge including Bell, At Your Service, Executive Lounge and the Business Center.
工作任务 :
  • Ensure daily operation is smooth and is manned by sufficient manpower at all times.
  • 确保部门日常运作平稳并且始终保持人员充足。
  • Be aware of the duties and responsibilities of all associates in order to lead the department efficiently.
  • 了解各部门员工各自的职责和工作以便有效领导整个团队。
  • Conduct monthly department meeting and act on feedbacks, suggestions to ensure a better work environment for all associates.
  • 组织安排月度部门例会并按照反馈和意见来为员工营造一个良好的工作环境。
  • Ensure all associates abide by the policies and procedures of the department and hotel.
  • 确保所有员工都遵守酒店和部门的规定及操作流程。
  • Check on condition of equipments in the front office to ensure they are in working conditions and up to standard of corporate image.
  • 检查 前厅部设备,确保其处于工作状态且符合公司形象。
  • Monitor daily occupancy for better room inventory control.
  • 监管每日客房率以控制房务成本。
  • Ensure all associates are aggressively scouting for new Marriott Rewards members.
  • 确保所有员工积极招募万豪礼赏的新会员。
  • Check daily Executive Summary to ensure all incidents are resolved promptly, and to do any follow-up with guest as and when necessary.
  • 检查每日经营综合摘要以确保所有事务都能顺利解决且必要时为顾客作跟进。
  • Monitor purchases of the department and ensure monthly expenditure is in line with the budget.
  • 监管部门采购以确保每月花费均控制在预算之内。
  • Review and fine tune all policies and procedures for the department as and when required.
  • 必要时检查并调整所有的本部门规定和操作流程
  • Respond to guest comments and complains from Guest Satisfaction Survey or Guest Alert from Corporate as and when required.
  • 根据公司顾客满意度调查中的评价和投诉进行必要的反馈。
  • Plan department’s budget with Director of Rooms and Director of Finance annually.
  • 与房务总监或财务总监制定年度预算。
  • Be the systems manager for Opera in the resort and liaise with Opera support for any back ups and baseline updates.
  • 担当酒店的Opera系统负责人并为一切备份和基础升级联络Opera软件的技术支持方。
  • To be conversant with Opera, Marsha, PABX, key card system and other software used by the hotel in order to effectively generate reports, training programs and /or any requests from in-house guests.
  • 熟悉了解Opera、Marsha、PABX、钥匙卡系统以及酒店使用的其他软件以便有效制作报表、培训课程并满足酒店顾客的其他需求。
  • Attend meetings scheduled by management as and when necessary such as Leadership meeting, Sales Strategy, etc.
  • 必要时出席诸如领导层会议和销售策略等酒店安排的会议。
  • Complete all managers’ Leadership Performance Process (LPP).
  • 完成所有的经理级领导表现进程(LPP)。
  • Ensure that all managers practice “Managing from the lobby” concept, and to ensure that Front Desk and Guest Service Managers are present in the lobby areas during peak hours and as and when necessary.
  • 确保所有经理都贯彻落实”从大堂开始管理”的理念,并确保前台和宾客服务经理必要时于高峰时段在大堂出现。
  • Maintain effective service in line with the hotel’s corporate image for:
  • 保证高效服务与以下的酒店公司形象一致:
  • Company’s grooming standard
  • 公司的仪容仪表标准
  • Standard Operation Procedures
  • 标准运营操作流程
  • Departmental Policies
  • 部门规定
  • Corporate Policies
  • 公司规定
  • Ensure effective communication within the Front Office as well as other departments in achieving the hotels’ goals.
  • 为完成酒店目标而确保与前厅部及其他部门的有效沟通。
  • Establish good rapport with guests and improve services of all areas in front office operation to maintain high level of Guest Satisfaction.
  • 与顾客们建立良好的关系并在所有前厅部运营方面提高服务水平以维持高水准的顾客满意度。
  • To be able to plan, organize and prioritize daily job duties effectively to ensure the smooth operation of the front office.
  • 有能力策划、组织并有效安排日常工作职责以确保前厅部的平稳运营。
  • To ensure that all associates thoroughly understand and actively participate in exercising cost management such as energy savings, recycling, and proper use of office stationary and supplies.
  • 确保所有员工彻底理解并贯彻诸如节能、回收利用和合理使用办公室文具及办公用品之类的成本控制策略。
  • Work closely with Sales & Marketing and Revenue departments to achieve the highest occupancy and average daily rate.
  • 与市场销售和营收部门紧密合作,以确保客房率和日均房价最大化。
  • To ensure the front office operates within the operating expenses budget with effective control of the followings:
  • 确保前厅部在有效控制以下成本于运营花费预算之内的前提下运作:
  • Office supplies
  • 办公用品
  • Guest supplies
  • 客用品
  • Front office operating expenses
  • 前厅部运营支出
  • Telecommunication expenses
  • 通讯支出
  • Overtime
  • 加班
  • Coordinates with Accounts department for updated credit information and to clear any outstanding accounts of guests.
  • 与财会部门协调更新信用信息以清除顾客的未结清款项。
  • Understand and embraced the operating values, mission statement and vision of Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre, and practice with team members.
  • 理解接受上海雅居乐酒店的运营价值观、企业宗旨和奋斗目标,并和团队成员一同贯彻执行。
  • Evaluates associates performance regularly and tackle weak areas for immediate improvements. Implement training programs in conjunction with the training department, and provides guidance to associates in a professional manner for their career-development.
  • 评估员工日常表现并以确保及时提高薄弱环节。和培训部一起安排培训课程并以专业的方式给予员工的职业规划以指导意见。
  • Ensure guests’ needs are attended promptly and efficiently with follow-up as and when necessary. Be a positive role model for all team members.
  • 确保顾客的需求得到必要的满足和跟进。以身作则为团队成员树立积极的榜样。
  • Coordinates with the Director of Services, Revenue Manager and Director of Engineering in blocking rooms for maintenance purposes.
  • 与服务总监、营收经理以及工程总监协调为维护客房而封存房间。
  • Embrace a sense of ownership towards all equipment of Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre, and that they are handled and used in a caring manner. Any sightings on property equipment that are mismanaged or vandalized are to be reported to the Security department immediately.
  • 对上海雅居乐万豪酒店的设施设备以主人翁精神的态度确保其被小心地交接和使用。看到任何不当管理或破坏酒店设施设备的行为都应立即报告防损部。
  • Ensure the importance of safety and security of all guests and associates are well understood. To liaise and work closely with security department in handling any incidents of crimes and accidents within the hotel premises.
  • 确保深入理解所有顾客及员工人身安全重要性的意义。与安保部门紧密联系合作以确保妥善处理任何在酒店场所发生的事故、意外或违法犯罪活动。
  • Be well versed with all emergencies procedures and be able to provide instructions and lead guests and associates to safety in the designated area for emergency situation. To have a sound knowledge on all the roles of each team member during emergencies and to delegate effectively to ensure the safety of both human and properties of the hotel. To have a detailed knowledge on various types of reports to be generated during any emergencies situations including proper auditing of guests and associates.
  • 熟悉了解突发时间处理流程并有能力指导带领顾客和员工在突发状况下往指定地点安全疏散。明确每个团队成员在处理突发事件时的作用,有效分工以最大限度地保护酒店及酒店顾客的人身财产安全。详细了解包括审核顾客与员工在内的不同突发状况下的各种报表。
  • Ensure that all associates display an excellent level of courtesy and etiquette in the presence of guests and fellow associates.
  • 确保所有员工在顾客和同事面前呈现出良好的礼貌礼仪。
  • Brief Front Desk Managers and Supervisors on any new policies, F&B promotions including special instructions from upper management.
  • 向前台经理和主管传达来自酒店高层管理包括特殊指令在内的的最新规定和餐饮促销。
  • Prepares rooms forecasts and other reports for management attention, and verify morning statistics reports including accurate daily occupancy forecast.
  • 为酒店管理层准备客房预测及其他相关报表,并核实包括每日预计客房率在内的晨会数据报表。
  • Be an ambassador of the hotel at all times.
  • 每时每刻以酒店的形象窗口为标准要求自己。
  • Actively look for ways to improve and modify operation procedures to improve guests and associates satisfaction.
  • 积极寻求更好的工作方式并改进操作流程,提高顾客满意度和员工满意度。
  • Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time
  • 其他任何不定时分配的任务。

    Profile of Competency:
  • Minimum 8 years of Front Office working experience with at least 1 year Front Office Manager experience in International Hotel.
  •        8年以上前台工作经验包括1年以上前厅经理经验
  • Demonstrated key Marriott leadership competency qualities.
  • 具备万豪所要求的领导能力。
  • Demonstrated excellent communication and hospitality skills. English proficiency is required, Mandarin preferred.
  • 熟练标准的的英语和普通话
  • Higher Education and Industry Related Training Program.
  • 相关专业本科以上学历
    Job License:
  • N/A.

    Marriott International is an equal opportunity employer committed to hiring a diverse workforce and sustaining an inclusive culture. Marriott International does not discriminate on the basis of disability, veteran status or any other basis protected under federal, state or local laws.


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