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Job description

At Westin, we are committed to empowering the well-being of our guests by providing a refreshing environment, thoughtful amenities, and revitalizing programming to help ensure that they leave feeling better than when they arrived. We recognize that travel can be disruptive to our guests’ well-being, and we’re energized to assist as partners in helping them maintain control and soaring above it all while on the road. Everything we do is designed to help guests be at their best, and they appreciate our supportive attitude, anticipatory service and extensive knowledge on how to best assist them throughout their stay. We are looking for dynamic people who are excited to join the team and ready to jump into any situation to give a helping hand. If you’re someone who has is positive, adaptable and intuitive, and has a genuine interest in the well-being of others around you, we invite you to discover how at Westin, together we can rise.

Job Summary
Responsible for the daily operation of Command Center to ensure guests’ comfort and satisfactions.
General 全般
  • Ensure to comply with the grooming and uniform standards.
  • Ensure to be familiar with Hotel activities, Ebisu and its vicinities to be ready to assist guests and customers.
  • Attend training program diligently to obtain extensive knowledge and skill following Westin Service Standard.
  • Always supervise the job by an objective viewpoint without being seized with a flow of duties and cope in the case of complaint outbreak immediately.
  • 業務の流れにとらわれず、常に客観的立場で監督し、苦情発生の場合は速やかに対応する。
  • To report and communicate accurately with the SE Manager or the Westin Host regarding guest inconveniences and service complains.
  • ゲストのサービスに対してのクレームや不手際について、速やかに、また正確にSEマネージャーまたはウェスティンホストに報告する。
  • Ensure to be familiar with evacuation and other procedures in case of emergencies.
  • Answer and direct all incoming telephone calls by following Starwood’s Service Standard.
  • スターウッドのサービススタンダードに沿って、外部からの電話を承る。
  • Answer all internally generated requests and deliver related associate calls.
  • 館内のゲストやホテルスタッフの業務関連の電話の取次ぎを行なう。
  • Ensure to be familiar with evacuation and other procedures in case of emergencies.
    In-room Dining Order Take インルームダイニングのオーダーテイク
  • Take room service orders from guests over the telephone and enter orders into Micros system. Communicate special instructions to the kitchen and expediters. Up-sell Room Service orders when appropriate.
  • ゲストからIRDのオーダーを受けたらシステムに打ち込み、キッチンにオーダーを流す。特別注文やイレギュラーのオーダーを承った場合、キッチンと確認する事。また出来る限りアップセルを行なう。
  • Take care of amenities (for both pre-arranged and on call), and ensure that both senders and IRD are well informed clearly. Enter the details in OPERA (Trace, SP Code, Message, Alert).
  • 当日にオーダーされた追加のアメニティーや前もってアレンジされたアメニティーをゲストとIRDの間のパイプ役として受ける。また、手配内容をオペラに入力する。(トレース、スペシャルコード、メッセージ、アラート)
  • Have extensive knowledge of the Room Service and Beverage Menu and provide guests with further information than what is on the menu.
  • ゲストからの質問に答えられるよう、ルームサービスのメニューに載っている食事、飲み物  について理解を深めておく。
  • Provide a professional and immediate response to guests concerning all menu items and their preparation.
  • ゲストからメニューに載っているものについて、材料や調理法を尋ねられた時答えられるように理解しておく。
  • Be familiar with all food outlet menus and specials, including seasonal changes and special promotions
  • 季節限定や特別企画のメニューについての理解を深める。
  • Personally ensure compliance with all relevant Workplace Health & Safety and Occupational Health & Safety legislation, and related The Westin Tokyo and Starwood Policies.
  • スターウッドの衛生安全ガイドラインやOSHAに基つき常に清潔・衛生面に心掛ける。
    Lobby Order Take ロビー業務のオーダーテイク
  • Mainly handle the following requests
  • ロビー業務に関する下記のリクエストを主にケアする。
    • In-room Internet Assistance
    • Delivery (and set-up) of requested items such as Humidifier / Air Cleaner / Pants Presser / Speaker / Blu-ray /
    • Shoeshine service
    • Laundry and pressing pick-up and delivery
    • Baggage delivery 荷物のお届け
    • Baggage pick-up 荷物のピックアップ
  • Issue a ticket for Limousine Bus for In-house guests 宿泊客のリムジンバスの発券
  • Post Takuhai Charge, Limousine charge, Mini Bar charge, Gear Lending Charge and  other items which are sold at SE Desk (BC misc) in OPERA.
  • 宅配、リムジンバス、ミニバー、ギアレンディング、その他SEデスクで販売しているアイテムの料金をオペラでポスティングする
    Others その他
  • At the end of day, close OPERA cashier and submit cashier journal to Accounting.
  • 一日の終わりに、OPERAのキャッシャーをクローズし、その日の売上の締めを行う。
  • Handle guests’ complaints and take actions to resolve problems.  Reports to appropriate personnel following chain of command to provide seamless follow up.  Communicate situations where guests are dissatisfied or experiencing a challenge and ask the resolution from the Manager on Duty.
  • ゲストからの苦情に対し解決策を考える。各関係部署とも連絡を取り合い、どの部署か
    らでも対応ができるようにする。ゲストがどうにも納得いかない場合、 その時間帯にいるマネージャーにその状態を説明し、マネージャーにゲストとの対応を依頼する。
  • Take guests’ messages, either manually, written or through voice mail system.
  •  ゲストへのメッセージを承る (ボイスメッセージ、書面、等)
  • Take wake-up call requests, provide the personal wake up calls in the morning, and make sure that guests received their wake-up call at the requested time.
  • ウェイクアップコールを承り、マニュアルで毎朝スタッフがゲストに電話すること。ゲストが電話口に出ない場合はロビーのSEアテンダントに連絡し、スタッフを部屋に送り、ゲストが起きている事を確認する。
  • Follow all accounting procedures according to guidelines to ensure proper revenues and payment on accounts are received and credited.
  • 経理のガイドラインに従い、売上や払い戻しがきちんと反映されているかを確認する。
  • Use currently adapted Command Center technology to ensure delivery of timed orders and other requests at the designated times, following up with delivery and other staff to ensure completion.
  • コマンドで現在使用しているシステムを利用してオーダー内容、時間、その後のアクション、結果報告を把握していること。
  • May perform duties of GSA and Business Center Agent as needed.
  • 必要に応じてフロントデスクやコンシェルジュの手伝いをする。
  • Create an organized, cooperative, and well run work environment by completing shift checklist and following through on responsibilities.
  • 職務内容を載せたチェックリストを作成し、協力的かつシステム的な職場であること。
  • Through the daily operation, pay attention to any defective issues, and share with relevant department in order to resolve and provide better service.
  • 日々のオペレーションで頻繁に起こる欠陥がある場合、各関係部署と連絡をとり、より良
  • Perform other duties as requested by management.
  • 必要に応じてマネージャーから依頼された他の業務もこなす。
    It is not the intent of this job description to cover all aspects of the position but to highlight the most important areas of responsibility.
    KEY COMPETENCIES/特に必要とされる能力
    Supervisory skills/監督能力
    Good memory/記憶力
    Physical strength/体力
    Information gathering/情報収集力
    Complaint handling skills/苦情処理能力
    Customer focus/顧客志向
    English proficiency/英語力
    Computer Proficiency (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other necessary hotel systems like Opera)/ コンピュータ技術能力
    Marriott International is an equal opportunity employer committed to hiring a diverse workforce and sustaining an inclusive culture. Marriott International does not discriminate on the basis of disability, veteran status or any other basis protected under federal, state or local laws.


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