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Job description

Job Summary


        Hotel strategy and Margins

•      To support the overall strategic management of the hotel by establishing effective working relationships with senior colleagues:  in particular, the GM, DBD, DOF & HRM.

•      Fully contribute to the design of the hotel''s business strategy

•      Actively participate in the key management issues in the property (Capital projects, refurbishment, training, customer service)

•      Actively support the DBD by ensuring that Front Desk and F & B staff are fully trained and committed to upselling

•      Actively support the DBD in the generation of revenue by ensuring the highest possible level of collaboration in Conference & Banqueting organisation to maximise yield and profit.

•      Conduct routine inspections of all areas of the hotel.






        Operational Profit Margins

•     To achieve the planned operational profitmargins in both Food & Beverage and Rooms

•     Ensure that costs are controlled in a detailedand structured manner. Analyse costs on a monthly basis and prepare actionplans (Cost per occupied room;food cost; beverage costs; payroll includingovertime; other expenses; other outsourced labour or services)

•     Ensure that all labour costs are flexedaccording to levels of demand / activity / season and that opportunities for abetter balance between quality and cost through clustering or outsourcing orboth are explored fully

•     To jointly develop and maintain the closestpossible understanding of revenue (in rate, volume or Banqueting) from the DBDto ensure the greatest level of alignment between revenue and cost.

•     Ensures that purchasing delivers best qualityfor the most competitive price is purchased.


         ManagementTeam Development

•     To manage all the direct reports (e.g. Chef, F& B Outlet Managers, Housekeeper, Front Desk Manager, Banqueting Manager,Chief Engineer) in a professional and motivating fashion

•     Set objectives for each direct report

•     Review performance on a regular and consistentbasis

•     Offer coaching and guidance when appropriate

•     Recommend relevant salary reviews.

•     Deal effectively with instances of poorperformance

•     Identify development needs and future careerpaths

•     Conduct regular Operations meetings includingall direct reports.


         EmployeeManagement, Training, Productivity & Allocation

•     Recruit high quality employees in conjunctionwith HR department.

•     Ensure sound performance management practices,through recognition and disciplinary action if necessary.

•     To ensure the employees within Operations arewell managed with clear objectives and well trained and that they are deployedin the most productive way.

•     Set clear tasks for each employees

•     Allocate employees to tasks in the most flexibleand productive fashion (with HRM)

•     Investigate opportunities for outsourcing

•     Ensure a fully trained team of departmentaltrainers is in place with departmental training action plans, rolling 3 monthtraining plan (with HRM)

•     Ensure all employees are fully trained in jobskills and customer service based on departmental service standards and recordsare maintained. (with HRM)

•     Ensure effective standards of two-waycommunication exists for all employees

•     Ensures that all team members attending trainingsessions are being briefed before and debriefed after.

•     Responsible for the participation of all newteam members to the Spirit of Hilton Orientation program and ensuresdepartmental induction takes place.

•     Ensures that work schedules/rosters are writtenaccording to hotel needs and compliance to labour laws.





        Quality,Service Levels & Brand Standards

•     To ensure the highest standards of quality inall aspects of the hotel operation, guaranteeing that brand values andstandards are never compromised

•     Ensure highest possible levels of customerservice across the operation

•     Actively follow up on GSTS & mystery reportsinstituting corrective actions in a fast and effective manner

•     Actively investigate what further reforms to theoperation may be necessary to raise standards

•     Ensure that brand standards / use of logo arenever compromised

        Food& Beverage Operations

•     To oversee the running of all Food & Beverageoperations ensuring that all department service standards are met consistently

•     Guarantee all aspects of food & servicequality in all the outlets

•     Oversee the management of all outlets, thekitchen(s) and Banqueting ensuring that standards, efficiencies and quality areactively promoted and delivered

•     Ensure the most cost-effective F & Bpurchasing / menu engineering to meet cost/revenue priorities

•     To investigate and implement new F&  B concepts with the full involvement of theGM & the VP.

•     Through F&B departmental Managers ensure themost cost-effective promotion of all aspects of the F&B operation inconjunction with the DBD(menu presentations/menu/pricing/promotions and ongoingactivities.

•     Assist DBD in establishing (with C&C Sales)an efficient and competitive C&C strategy including all pricing.

•     Evaluate competitors products and price policytwice per year.

        RoomsDivision Operations

•     To oversee the running of all Rooms Divisionoperations ensuring that all departmental service standards are metconsistently.

•     To ensure that the Front Desk operation,including telephone and all uniformed services, works to the highest standardsfor customer satisfaction and cost-effectiveness

•     To ensure that all Front Desk systems are fullyand effectively utilised and that regular, ongoing training is organized.

•     To ensure that the housekeeping function(whether outsourced or not) is run to the highest professional qualitystandards at the lowest level of cost

•     Ensures good work liaisons with otherdepartments (Hsk/Eng/Accounting)

•     Participates in Weekly FO meetings to analyseperformance/business and to implement action for improvement and team spirit.

•     Ensures with the FDM and Revenue Manager that amaximum occupancy is reach daily.

•     Guides FDM on daily strategy(overbooking-out/booking)

•     Responsible to ensure  best quality of cleanliness throughout thehotel.

•     Ensures VIP rooms are checked on a daily basis.

        Engineering Operations

•     To oversee the running of an Engineeringoperation ensuring that all departmental service/legal/safety standards are metconsistently

•     To ensure that the Engineering team works withinall legal and organisational standards and that technical efficiency ismaintained at an optimum level

•     With the Chief Engineer and, most importantly,the General Manager, ensure that the highest possible attention is paid to thesafety and security of all guests and staff through detailed reviews and checkson all procedures, equipment etc.

•     Challenge existing levels of POMEC expenditurewith the Chief Engineer ensuring that energy, payroll and other costs are atthe lowest possible level consistent with safety and quality standards

•     Ensure effective planning of maintenance worksto guarantee standard of product quality

        Ensures throughChief Engineer that repairs are recorded and dealt with in the quickest            kjjj   possible time.


•     To ensure that all supplies are ordered anddelivered against clearly defined specifications and within or better thanagreed budget limits

•     Define, and gain agreement for, product andprice specifications for all supplies and operating equipment

•     Manage, with the Financial Controller/Directorof Finance, effective commercial negotiations with suppliers ensuring that theright balance between cost, quality and reliability is maintained.

•     To ensure (with the DOF) that inventory levelsare maintained at the lowest possible level


        Budget and Fiscal

•     Prepare yearly budgets in conjunction withGM/DBD/DOF/HR for- revenue;ff&e;staffing; capital expenditure; costs andexpenses.

•     Review and approval of all expense accounts forOperations Team

•     Participate in forecast meetings


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These are the skills, qualities and attributes onewill need to demonstrate in order to carry out the job effectively.



•     Manages staff in a consultative style, balancingcontrol with encouragement.  Maintainsstaff morale and motivation, pays attention to the development of skills,proactivity and the taking of responsibility. Achieves empowerment through effective delegation with appropriatemonitoring.  Ensures adherence tostandards, procedures, priorities and objectives and monitors staffperformance.



•        Persuasive and assertive in communication.  Able to present arguments logically and faceup to and resolve conflicts or criticism. Has a strong impact in own areas of responsibility.




•     Communicates clearly, concisely andconfidently, both orally and in writing. Confident in communicating with a wide range of people, both inside andoutside the hotel.  Is honest, open and thoughtfulin communication.  Sees communication asa two way process, and has good listening skills.



•        Able to build open and consistent relationshipswithin and outside the hotel in order to foster personal rapport.  Offers personal help and reassurance whenneeded.  Diplomatic in difficultsituations and able to build trust. Approachable and shows empathy towards staff and customers.  Aware of cultural differences and adaptsstyle accordingly.

         Analyzing Information

•        Understands and draws correct inferences fromcomplex written and numerical information. Recognizes trends in data. Proactively seeks out and validates all relevant information when tryingto understand problems or issues, and the reasons behind them.



•        Considers a wide range of alternatives whenmaking decisions.  Takes all relevantfactors into account.  Prepared to takecalculated risks.  Comes up with new andoriginal suggestions.  Tenacious inattempting to find solutions to difficult problems.  Willing to commit to firm and unambiguousdecisions.  Sets up contingencies in casedecisions are unsuccessful



•        Looks ahead, makes accurate forecasts andidentifies future trends.  Sets demandingbut realistic targets and methods of achieving them.  Identifies priorities effectively, balancingimportance, urgency and resources.  Setsup schedules and intermediate and final timescales.  Reviews and adjusts plans and procedures assituations change, and to reflect best practice.  Manages own personal time efficiently withintight schedules.

         Commercial Awareness  

•        Places high importance on achieving financialperformance targets.  Entrepreneurial;continually spots opportunities to increase revenue, reduce costs or improvecustomer service.  Views decisions infinancial terms.  Keeps up to date withglobal trends and developments in company, the business, the industry, theeconomy and technology.





•        Stays calm, composed and effective under timepressure and when dealing with difficult or confrontational situations.  Enjoys a busy and varied workload and doesnot mind unexpected interruptions.  Ableto switch off from work pressures at the end of the day.  Prepared to fit working hours to businessneeds and to respond personally to work problems at short notice.

         Analyzing Information

•        Understands and draws correct inferences fromcomplex written and numerical information. Recognizes trends in data. Proactively seeks out and validates all relevant information when tryingto understand problems or issues, and the reasons behind them.        

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