Mahmood Rehman

Mahmood Rehman

Field Safety Associate at United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) - Peshawar (Pakistan)
Lives in Peshawar, Pakistan
over 6 months ago

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I have more than 30 years of professional career and experience to my credit in the field of Security, management and administration attained during my service in Pakistan Army, Ministry Of Defence, United Nations World Food Program (UNWFP) Pakistan and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) - Pakistan. I served in Pakistan Army for more than 24 years and retired as a Major on completion of prescribed service limits. Served in Pakistan Armed Services Board department (PASB) from December 2002 to May 2010. Joined security unit of UNWFP (KPK) in August 2010 and served till February 2013. From March 2013 to April 2017, I remained Security Focal Point of UNWFP Balochistan Province. During my service in United Nations, maintained close liaison, coordination and cordial relations and understanding with Police officials, Civil administration, Law enforcing agencies, UNDSS and other UN agencies. As a SSAFE (TOT) trainer participated as Facilitator and conducted trainings of UN staff of different UN agencies in Balochistan on Personal security, Access Control, safe convoy procedures and Weapons/ ammunition recognition and surveillance. Conducted Risk assessment of various United Nations buildings and programmes to ensure safety of staff members. I served with UNHCR (Sub Office Peshawar - Pakistan) as a Field Safety Associate (FSA) from August 2017 to November 2017. In my last assignment at Afghan Voluntary Repatriation Center (VRC), I closely worked with UNHCR Counterparts, i.e. Afghan Commissioner (CAR), NADRA, Bio-ID and Afghan Ministry Of Refugees and Repatriation (MORR). During this period maintained close liaison and links with police officials and the district administration. I implemented strict access control procedures at Entrance / Exit of Voluntary Repatriation Center. Ensured implementation of MOSS and MORSS in all UN vehicles and buildings. Supervised implementation of security work at VRC i.e. installation of CCTV system, Fire alarm system and Walk through gates. As Field Safety Associate UNHCR - Peshawar, ensured fool proof security arrangements for safety and security of staff members and equipment by effectively deploying security guards in UNHCR Refugees Repatriation Center and Warehouse.


  • Field Safety Associate

    United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) - Peshawar (Pakistan) - Peshawar, Pakistan

    August 2017 - November 2017 · 4 months

    Tasks Performed and Major Achievements; • Ensured safety and security of the staff, refugees and equipment in and around the premises of new Afghan Refugees Repatriation Center (VRC) at Azakhel – Nowshera. Analyzed the overall security situation of the area, which could affect the repatriation process and shared updated information and recommendations with management. • Ensured strict access control procedures implemented at entrance / exit including checking of all vehicles and personnel. Supervised construction of gates, boundary walls of VRC and Car Yard, installation of security instruments and equipment like Fire alarm system and CCTV system within the VRC and warehouse compounds. • Maintained effective coordination and liaison with local police stations, senior police officials and the Deputy Commissioner and other government officials in the area. • Maintained valuable coordination with the officials of other agencies i.e. MORR, Afghan Commissioner for Refugees (CAR), NADRA, working in Repatriation center. • Coordinated and guided and supervised more than 70 security guards in Warehouse / VRC Azakhel i.e. Police, CAR and HARIS. Regular briefing of security guards. • Instantly responded to staff queries on security issues, emergencies / accidents. Provided immediate assistance to staff members as and when needed. • Conducted and ensured fool proof security arrangements during the visits of high dignitaries including visit of German ambassador, ECHO mission and other international staff visiting Afghan repatriation center(VRC) and the warehouse.

  • Senior Security Associate

    United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP) - Pakistan - Quetta, Pakistan

    March 2013 - April 2017 · 4 years and 3 months

    Tasks Performed and Major Achievements; • Ensured and implemented strict Access Control at the entrance of UNWFP Provincial Office (PO) and at Warehouse compounds in Balochistan. All moments into the PO building were closely monitored through CCTV System. • Supervised CCTV System, Communication network of guard’s force issued with VHF radio sets and the procurement / maintenance of security equipment. • In Provincial Office building, multi layers Security was ensured through having T- Walls, Iron Gates, Entry into office compound through UN Access Card, inner and outer layers of armed security guards deployed and the Alarm system. • Effective deployment of security guards around the UNWFP installations, supervision and training, to guard against any terrorist / untoward incident. • Maintained Wardens lists and updated list of staff of each zone with their addresses. During all serious security incidents i.e. Blasts, earthquake etc. Warden System was activated and utilized to confirm the safety of staff and their dependents. • SOP for Communication Blackout was evolved. In case of no network communication staff were trained to use VHF Radio sets for communication and reporting purposes. • Ensured that all UNWFP Buildings and vehicles are MOSS and MORSS compliance. Vehicles proceeding on field mission are fitted with First aid box, Fire extinguisher, necessary spare parts and Thuraya sets in working condition. • It was ensured that the staff members proceeding on Field missions have TRIP Clearance. Staff were given proper Security Briefing before start of the mission. • As per Travel Modalities of Balochistan, Armed Escorts were arranged for all national and International Staff going on Field missions in Balochistan. • Observed and monitored the Security incidents and situation of the province with a view of its likely impact on UNWFP staff, programmes and assets. • Timely shared Security Alerts though SMS and emails with staff members, Head of Provincial Office and senior management in Country Office Islamabad in order to keep them inform, alert and be aware of any security risk. Time to time, issued Security Advisories as per the requirement of situation and upcoming events. • Prepared and shared Flash Reports on all Significant Security Incidents happening in my AOR with analysis and likely impacts on UN staff and programmes. • Prepared Weekly Security Review of Balochistan on weekly basis and shared it with Head of Provincial Office, all Provincial Heads of UNWFP, Country Director, Deputy Country Director, FSCOUNWFP and the senior management at CO. • Ensured that all staff members have completed Mandatory Security trainings. Facilitated staff members in completion of Basic Security Training In The Field (BSITF), Advance Security In The Field (ASITF), SHAP, I Know Gender etc. • Arranged SSAFE Trainings for newly employed staff members of provincial office. Old staff due for SSAFE were put in the SSAFE Re-fresher trainings. • Being SSAFE TOT qualified, as a Facilitator assisted UNDSS Pakistan Team and conducted SSAFE Re-fresher trainings during the years of 2015 and 2016, which were arranged for the staff members of all UN Agencies of Balochistan. • Arranged and conducted specific security trainings for staff members i.e. Personal Safety and Security, Convoy Travels, Bomb Threat Alert, Checking of Packets / Parcels for Explosives, Complex Attack, Earth quack drills, Fire-Fighting drills, Building Evacuation drills in Emergency, Wardens trainings, First aid training. • Periodic Review and Checks of Security arrangements around UNWFP compounds including guards briefings, checking procedures and counter surveillance to maintain high standard of alertness and guard against any terror activity. • Conducted Security Briefings of newly employed staff members at Provincial office and the staff members coming to Balochistan from outside stations. • Facilitated the staff members in conduct of the Mandatory Weekly Radio Check held by UNDSS every week and kept record / results. • Developed Quarterly Reports containing all activities including security trainings conducted for staff, NOCs arranged for national and international staff field missions, Security assessment missions and implementation of MOSS and MORSS in context of specific security risk mitigation measures. • Conducted assessment missions to the areas of UNWFP intervention Districts of Balochistan. Assessed security threats and recommended revision of contextualize / specific security protocols and advisories for safe UNWFP interventions. Prepared and shared Security Risk Assessment Report with senior UNWFP management. • In 2014, Conducted Security Assessment Mission to Khuzdar for UNWFP Relief operations for the People of Awaran - Balochistan hit by a severe Earth quack. • In 2015, a WFP vehicle met a severe road accident near Noshki – Balochistan in which one staff expired and four others injured. Just after the accident, I contacted the Home Secretary of Balochistan, DC and health officials of the area for the provision of medical support to injured. I evacuated and brought the injured to CMH Quetta and ensured that they were timely given appropriate medical treatment. • Prepared CONOPs, Detail SOPs and instructions for Diplomatic and High profile delegations visits to UNWFP projects sites in Balochistan province. Arranged and ensured flawless security arrangements for the protection of visiting mission members • Maintained very cordial relations with officials of Home Department of Balochistan, Police department, Deputy Commissioners of respective districts and other security agencies, thereby ensuring availability of police escorts and security for protection of the WFP staff during their field missions in the province of Balochistan.

  • Security Assistant

    United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP) - Pakistan - Peshawar, Pakistan

    August 2010 - February 2013 · 2 years and 7 months

    Tasks Performed and Major Achievements; • Joined United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP) – KPK and assumed duties during the devastating Flood Emergency in August 2010. Millions of people were affected by the catastrophe. Assisted and facilitated UNWFP staff by ensuring safety and security of UNWFP teams in its relief operations to reach out to the people of the areas in need of Food and shelter. Arranged armed escorts for all UNWFP missions. • Conducted Security Assessment of the Hubs and Food Distribution Points and ensured implementation of proper security arrangements at these locations. Based on the results of assessments, developing context specific risk reduction strategies, specific Safety and Security SOPs and contingency plans. • Valuable liaison and coordination with Police and Army for the safety and security of UNWFP staff and assets in the field areas and execute smooth food distribution. • Appropriate deployment and supervision of Security guards in and around of UNWFP Offices, Warehouses and stores to avoid any looting or any other untoward incident. • Conducted Assessment Missions to South Waziristan Agency for the Security Risk assessment of selecting and establishing of Food Distribution Points in the Agency for the people displaced due to Army Operations in South Waziristan Agency. • In view of the sensitive security situation of the area, staff members were Properly briefed each time while going on missions to field areas. • Was Security Focal Point for UNWFP Field Office Swat during year 2012.Ensured smooth UNWFP operations in district Dir, Bunner, Swat, Shangla and Kohistan. Evolved Security SOPs for emergencies and proper security arrangements were put into effect around all UNWFP Offices and warehouses. • Staff members were guided and assisted in completion of mandatory security training courses. Staff were helped and guided in completion of BSITF and ASITF security trainings. New staff were detailed on SSAFE trainings. Devised modules for the training of staff including awareness trainings on personal security, road safety, MOSS and MORSS implications and conducted emergency drills / procedures. • Staff members were trained on the use of VHF radio sets. Effective Radio Communication network was established to communicate in emergency situations. • Established close liaison and cordial relations with Police department, Deputy Commissioners, Political Agent and Army officials in the area of UNWFP intervention to ensure safety of staff and smooth food distribution etc. in the areas. • Maintained close liaison and coordination with UNDSS and other UN agencies working within the area and shared information regarding UN activities. • Monitored and analysed the security incidents and situation of my Area Of Responsibility (AOR). Necessary security advisories were shared timely with staff members and senior management accordingly. • In year 2011, performed duties in Sind province during the Flood Emergency declared by the government. Conducted Assessment missions for selecting of Hubs for the UNWFP Relief operations in Sukkur and Benazir Abad districts of Sind.

  • Executive Secretary

    District Armed Services Board (Ministry Of Defence Pakistan) - Peshawar, Pakistan

    Administration & General
    December 2002 - May 2010 · 7 years and 6 months

    Tasks Performed and Major Achievements; • Maintained documentation of more than ten thousands Pensioners and Non- pensioners of Pakistan Army, Navy and Air force along with their family details and residential addresses residing in my area of responsibility (AOR). • Maintained data of Widows of Pensioners and Shohada along with their addresses. • On humanitarian basis, helped Widows and the Next of Kin of the armed forces personnel in getting pension and arranged financial assistance by visiting them at their residence. Completed all documentations, processed it and handed over the cheques of Grants and Pensions to them at the doorstep their residences. • Helped in resolving the familial issues of retired people and widows by visiting and contacting the district officials of their area to resolve their issues. • Completed all necessary documentation and ensured that student wards of retired armed persons are provided stipends well in time. Helped retired people of Armed forces in the rehabilitation and re-employment efforts after retirement from service. • Supervised administration, discipline, leave, welfare of the official staff working under me in the District Armed Services Board Offices and field staff. • Ensured safety and security of staff, buildings and vehicles by adhering and strict implementation of Search and Checking SOPs and Access Control. • Supervised and ensured that all official documents are updated and kept safely. • Personally supervised all overall financial management, money transactions and cheque were dealt with in a transparent manner and delivered to the right person. • To assist in management of agency budget in coordination with the Project Manager and Executive Director. • To assist finance in the development of individual program budgets • To do Payroll management, including tabulation of accrued employee benefits. • To organize the fiscal documents. • Regular meetings with Project Manager, Executive Director for better and secure interventions and successes of project • Supervise and coach operations staff on a weekly basis.

  • Major

    Army - Peshawar, Pakistan

    October 1977 - March 2002 · 24 years and 6 months

    • During my Army service, I performed duties in different Cantonments, Field areas of all provinces of Pakistan and on international border in Azad Kashmir. • Attended several trainings and courses to be able to lead the people in hard situation and crisis and take timely decision in the best interest of the organization. • Worked with zeal & enthusiasm, with devotion and dedication in tough situations / challenging environments and successfully accomplished assigned tasks. • Looked after the management, administration, welfare, trainings and discipline of the troops who were working under my command. • Maintained high standard of spirit by working as a team and creating spirit de corps. As a leader always lead from the front and set self-examples. • Even under stress and strain, remained stable and not moved by the situation. • Maintained close association with juniors and always provided them the guidance. • Always kept senior commanders informed well-timed about the situation. • Ensured safety and security of staff, weapons, equipment, stores and buildings by issuing and ensuring implementation of SOPs and security instructions.


  • Bachelor of Arts

    Government College Karak -KPK (Pakistan) - Karak, Pakistan

    July 1974 - July 1976

    English, Political Science


  • Urdu
    Native or fluent
  • English
    Native or fluent
  • Arabic
    Limited working


  • security professional
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