School of Economics and Management – University of Bologna – Rimini Campus

School of Economics and Management – University of Bologna – Rimini Campus

Rimini, Italy

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Tourism studies at the University of Bologna - Italy
Rimini is one of the most exciting tourism destinations in Europe, is home to one of the campuses of the School of Economics and Management, University of Bologna, a leading institution in tourism studies, for decades, known for the high quality of its teaching programs (certified by the UNWTO - TedQual certification) and research publications. It is the place where the excellence of the most ancient university of the Western world meets the ability of local entrepreneurs and the public administration in developing a flourishing tourism destination.

TEACHING OFFER: first- and second-cycle degree level
First-cycle degree in Economics of Tourism: one curriculum is taught in Italian (Economia del turismo - CLET and one is taught in English (International Tourism and Leisure Industries – ITALI

Second cycle degree in Tourism Economics and Management - TEaM. English taught.

The first cycle degree programs provide students the cultural and technical profile required to join, as a manager or professionals, private and public enterprises in the tourism industry. Our courses offer excellent preparation in tourism planning and tourism management, and develop professional profiles which have a deep knowledge of the complex interactions and interdependencies between creative and leisure industries, business strategies, governmental policies and tourism. Students undertake a mandatory internship, international seminars, and select applied topics in the last year of study.

The second cycle degree program - TEaM prepares managers and professionals that are able to tackle the global challenges of contemporary tourism: being, at the same time, engine for economic growth, key player of strategy and marketing functions inside global tourism companies, promoter of entrepreneurship in digital, ethical, sustainable and cultural tourism business.

Given the interdisciplinarity approach of the different several teaching activities, the TEAM graduates develop significant skills mainly in economics and management, jointly with a deep knowledge of law, quantitative methods, sustainable tourism, entrepreneurship issue, finance and organization concepts. Most of the competitive advantages of TEAM degree lie in the efficient and profitable network of tourism firms and institutions developed over time aimed to assure a practical education of TEAM graduates, completing the theoretical background matured during the classes. A continuous organization of the events, laboratory, seminars, workshops with entrepreneurs, institutions players, managers in different positions and roles and stackholders, assures the right balance between theoretical and practical economic and managerial concepts.

Upon graduation this tourism degree allows students to pursue a career in many interconnected business of the tourism sector: accommodation and food service operations, digital tourism companies, international travel and tourism organizations, visitor bureaus and conventions, tourism development agencies, recreational businesses, cruise ships, resorts, theme parks, airlines. Many significant career opportunities in tourism sector are assured to TEAM graduates such as: start-upper, project manager, marketing and financial director, managing director of tourism companies, destination manager, event manager, travel agent, conference and exhibition manager, hotel general manager and so on.

The University of Bologna: numbers and innovation
5: the Campuses (Bologna, Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna e Rimini)
32: the Departments of the University of Bologna.
12: the Research and Training Centre.
85,244: the students who have chosen the University of Bologna (A.Y. 2016/17), making it the most popular university in Italy. Teaching and extra-curricular activities take place in 1,162,506.81 m2 of space in the campuses of Bologna, Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna and Rimini.

219: Degree Programmes (A.Y. 2018/2019): 92 first cycle 3-year programmes, 114 second cycle programmes and 13 single cycle programmes.
77: International degree programmes, 49 of which are delivered in English.
2,113: international students from abroad on exchange programmes and 2,771 students enrolled at UNIBO who spent a study period abroad in 2016.

    Economia del Turismo
    First cycle degree programme (Italian taught)
    International Tourism and Leisure Industries
    First cycle degree programme (English taught)
    Tourism Economics and Management
    Second cycle degree programme (Enlgish taught)
    Internship opportunities starting from a min of 200 hours
School of Economics and Management – University of Bologna – Rimini Campus

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