Nicolas Jones Executive Director and Responsible Officer for Odyssey International Exchange Texas Office
Tiffany Zarrin - Director of Operations of International Trainee Network

Located in the Los Angeles office and the Texas office respectively, Tiffany Zarrin and Nicolas Jones are responsible for assisting young professionals and students to visit the United States to participate in ITN’s hospitality exchange programs. A unique and unforgettable experience, the program allows participants to integrate themselves into local American communities, businesses, and take part of the culture. Not only this, but they can take the experience back home and on their lifelong professional journey.

Working with both partners of ITN, the schools and the host companies, Tiffany Zarrin and Nicolas Jones make sure they can provide a perfect match that is beneficial to both the candidates and the organisations. The students or young professionals are also able to choose from a variety of 4 and 5-star luxury hotel experiences, from properties close to the beach to the mountains, located in a small town or in a big cosmopolitan city! There’s a variety of opportunities to choose from with ITN, but whichever you pick, an unforgettable and enriching experience is a guarantee.

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