Income Audit Officer

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Andaz Xintiandi, Shanghai


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  • 全面了解上海新天地安达仕酒店收入审计的目标,以提供一个有效的审计系统的所有酒店总收入和凭证。
    Understands thoroughly Andaz Xintiandi, Shanghai objectives in Income Audit as to provide an effective auditing system for all hotel revenues and receipts.
  • 确定所有的日常收入已由酒店收到并正确记录。同时审核夜审,前台,餐饮收银员的工作。
    Ascertains that all daily revenues that should have been received by the hotel have been received and properly recorded.  In doing so, the work of Night Audit, Front Desk, and the Food and Beverage Cashiers is being audited.
  • 在转交给应收账款之前,审核城市挂账和信用卡账单。
    Audits charges to City Ledger and credit card companies before forwarding them to the Accounts Receivable sections.
  • 审计每天的客房和餐饮收入的摘要和交易报告的夜审过程中。
    Audits daily Rooms and Food and Beverage revenue summaries and their supporting transaction reports of the Night Audit Process.
  • 审计电话,电传,传真等收入,除非这些自动连接到电脑的计费。
    Audits revenue from telephone, telex, and facsimile unless these are automatically linked to the computer for billing.
  • 审计其他经营部门,如车库,专业商店,洗衣房,商务中心的收入,确保完整性。
    Audits revenue from other Operated Departments such as Garage, Pro shops, Laundry and Business Centre for completeness.
  • 确保所有当天的宴会收入已记录。
    Ensures that all the day’s Banquet revenue has been recorded.
  • 检查每天的总出纳报告中现金流的记录。
    Checks the daily General Cashier’s report against recorded cash movement.
  • 检查收银员的现金长短款,大差异需通知财务总监
    Monitors cashier shortages/overages and investigates any substantial amount and bring to the attention of the Director of Finance’s office.
  • 审核体现及减免凭证的合理性及附件。
    Reviews paid-outs and allowance vouchers for reasonableness, proper approval, and supporting documentation.
  • 审核免费房的附件及房价差异的原因。
    Verifies supports for complimentary and house use rooms and for rooms charged at rates varying from the rack potential.
  • 抽查系统中定期合同价房费的准确性。
    Spot checks the accuracy of regular and contractual room rates in the system.
  • 检查所有酒店内部及宴请账单的适当性及确保签名和授权。
    Reviews all house use and entertainment checks for propriety and ensure that they are signed and authorised.
  • 审核所有餐厅的复数账单的解释,需要餐厅经理的同意及厨房的订单。
    Audits all Food and Beverage outlets checks on the List of Negative Check Lines for explanation and approval by Outlet captain’s/automatic kitchen orders.
  • 审核餐厅的取消账单解释的合理性。
    Audits the List of Voided Restaurant Checks for proper approvals and explanations.
  • 检查餐厅账单,外汇兑换水单及各类凭证的连贯性并调查任何丢失或不符合规定凭证版本。
    Checks the sequential use of Food and Beverage checks, foreign exchange vouchers, official receipts and to investigate any missing or irregular forms.
    Ensures that all associates’ City Ledger Accounts are closed at month end.
  • 进行突击检查客房,健身中心和停车场收费等。
    Carries out surprise checks of rooms, fitness centre attendance and car park collections, etc.
  • 进行突击检查收银员的现金流。
    Carries out surprise cash counts of cashier’s floats.


Ideally with a relevant degree or diploma in Finance, Commerce or Hospitality/Tourism management. Minimum 2 years work experience as Income Officer  or Income Clerk in larger operation. Good problem solving, administrative and interpersonal skills are a must.


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Shanghai, China
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