Assistant Desa Restaurant Manager 地沙村西餐厅副经理

[{{ $ | translate}}] Assistant Desa Restaurant Manager 地沙村西餐厅副经理
Raffles Hainan


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Raffles Hotels & Resorts is a collection of award-winning luxury hotels located in vibrant destinations around the world. Unique with its own distinct personality, each Raffles hotel distinguishes itself with the highest standards of product and service.
We offer excellent career development and growth opportunities for our colleagues who have the talent, dedication, drive and passion to be part of leading global luxury hospitality brand.
Raffles Hainan, located in the “Hawaii of Asia” – Hainan, will enjoy a superior beachfront location while offering guests direct access to the adjacent championship golf course. The resort’s 299 guestrooms and 32 luxurious villas are among the most spacious and all offer commanding sea views. The resort will feature 7 exciting food and beverage concepts, a 1,400 sqm Raffles Spa, a grand ballroom and flexible meeting spaces for special events.
If you are looking for a dynamic environment for growth, please join us as :
Assistant Desa Restaurant Manager 地沙村西餐厅副经理
Summary of Responsibilities:
To assist respective manager in managing respective F&B venues as successful independent profit centre, ensuring maximum guest satisfaction consistent with Hotels standards, through planning, organizing, directing and controlling the food and beverage operation and administration.
  • To assist the Outlet Manager in efficiently managing the outlet, according to the established concept statement.
  • 根据餐厅的理念帮助餐厅经理有效的管理餐厅。      
  • To assign responsibilities to subordinates and to check their performance periodically.
  • 帮助分配责任给下属定期检查他们的表现。
  • To ensure table reservations are taken properly in order to maximize the restaurant turnover.
  • 保证所有的预定执行为了达到餐厅的最大的营业额。
  • To ensure that the par stocks for all operating equipment and supplies are strictly adhered to and that the outlet is adequately equipped.
  • 保证所有的操作设备和供应品符合标准餐厅的设备准备充分。
  • To assist in conducting monthly inventory checks on all operating equipment and supplies.
  • 帮助每月检查操作设备和供应品。
  • To assist in controlling the requisitioning, storage and careful use of all operating equipment and supplies.
  • 帮助控制存储小心使用所有的操作设备和供应品。
  • To conduct daily roll-calls to associates on preparation, service and menu.
  • 管理日常的登记表,例如操作、服务、菜单。
  • To handle all guest complaints, requests and enquires on food, beverage and service.
  •   处理所有客人的投诉,要求,对食品,饮料,服务的询问。
  • To establish a rapport with guests maintaining good relationship.
  • 和客人建立和谐维持良好的关系。
  • To assist in the revision and updating of the outlet Departmental Operations Manual annual.
  • 帮助修改和更新每年的餐厅的操作手册。
  • To assist in planning the outlet weekly roster and work schedules to ensure that the outlet is adequately staffed to handle the level of business.
  • 帮助安排餐厅值班人工作计划保证餐厅有足够的员工去处理生意。
  • To submit all guest/associate incident reports.
  • 提交所有的客人事情报告。
  • To ensure that the outlet is kept clean and organized, both at the front as well as the back of house.
  • 保证餐厅清洁有组织的,房间的后面和前面一样干净。  
  • To issue repair and maintenance job orders to ensure the proper maintenance of the outlet.
  • 下修理和维持工作的命令保证餐厅合理的维修。
  • To assist in conducting associate's yearly performance appraisals.
  • 帮助操作员工的年终的表现评价。
  • To assist in the building of an efficient team of associates by taking an active interest in their welfare, safety and development.
  • 通过激发他们对福利,安全,发展的兴趣建立城有效率的团队。
  • To supervise the associates within the department, ensuring that the correct standard and methods of service are maintained as stated in the Departmental Operations Manual.
  • 管理酒店的部门的员工,保证正确的标准和服务的方法遵守部门的操作手册。
  • To ensure that all associates have a complete understanding of and adhere to the Hotel's policy relating to Fire, Hygiene, Health and Safety.
  •  保证所有的员工理解和遵守酒店的防火,卫生,健康,安全方针。
  • To assist in the planning and organizing of festive and seasonal food and beverage promotions within the outlet.
  •  帮助计划和组织餐厅的节日的食品和饮料的促销。
  • To provide courteous and professional service at all times.
  •   每时每刻提供有礼貌和专业的服务。
  • To maintain good working relationship with own colleagues, and all other departments.
  • 与同事和其他部门的员工保持良好的工作关系。
  • To have a complete understanding of and adhere to the Hotel’s Policies relating to Fire, Hygiene, Health and Safety.
  • 完全理解并严格执行酒店的防火,卫生,健康和安全要求。
  • To maintain a high standard of personal appearance and hygiene at all times.
  • 任何时候都要保持高标准的仪容仪表和个人卫生。
  • Excellent reading, writing and oral proficiency in English
  • 优秀的英语听,说,读,写能力
  • Experienced in all aspects of restaurants service
  • 在餐饮服务方面经验丰富
  • Must be well-presented and professionally groomed at all times 
  • 始终保持良好和专业的个人形象
  • Excellent leader and trainer with solid motivational and teamwork skills
  • 优秀的领导者和培训者,激励能力和团队合作技巧
  • Attention to detail and strong interpersonal skills to deal with diverse staff
  • 注重细节,良好的人际交往能力,能够管理不同的员工
  • Possess a high degree of professionalism, sound human resources management capabilities, business acumen, energy and determination
  • 具有高度的专业精神,适当的人力资源管理能力,具有商业头脑,活力和决心
  • Proven organizational skills, able to set and meet deadlines with quality results
  • 行之有效的组织能力,能够在规定期限内高质量地完成工作
  • Able to handle the pressures of simultaneously coordinating a wide range of activities and recommend appropriate solutions to restaurant problems
  • 能够控制压力,协调各种活动,提供适当的方法解决餐厅问题
  • Computer knowledge (Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint) 
  • 计算机软件的应用
  • Strong knowledge of Food and Beverage
  • 专业的食品和酒水知识
  • Eye for detail and hands-on approach to operation
  • 细心观察能力和实际运作能力
  • Minimum 1 year management experience in similar F&B operations hotels
  • 至少一年以上相关管理经验在国际酒店中


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