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People, People, and relationships, it’s all about it… I am an idealist organizer who is driven to implement my vision of what is best for humanity.
Technologically savvy, with a touch of sales skills, strategic partner, excellent listener, I am a trustworthy person always aiming to be a reference point to any person in needs within my organization.

My Goal : Lead a human-size company, in compliance with the requirements of the profession, focusing on human and legal aspects, in which the aim is to obtain the satisfaction of employees and customers in the highest quality of service.


  • AREA HRD Switzerland

    IHG - InterContinental Hotels Group - Geneva, Switzerland

    Recursos Humanos
    febrero 2016 - Ahora · 2 años y 11 meses

    Intercontinental Geneva 5* Intercontinental Davos 5* Crowne Plaza Geneva 4* Crowne Plaza Zurich 4* 550 people on 3 cantons (GE, ZH, GR) Managing 12 team member within the Human Resources Team  Transition from franchised to managed hotel.  Implementation of IHG Standards.  Implementation of a regional team covering Switzerland.  Created the reservation, revenue, mice and sales cluster for Geneva.  Created a marketing division for the Swiss Area.  Support of management in the deployment of human resources strategy, and the board on issues HR development management: recruitment, integration, training, mobility and career management.  Supervision of compensation management, payroll and personnel administration.  Management of payroll and monitoring of our Winning Metrics related to Quality and Finance.  Social Relationship Management in tandem with the AREA General Manager.  Role of internal referent for the legal framework (individual rights, collective, social eve).  Implementation of new tools in line with IHG requirement in the last past 12 months: - NOVATIVE payroll & scheduling program, - BIINGS absenteeism management, - EFPM5 enforcement budget, - TALEO recruitment and talent acquisition, - COGNISESS recruitment, productivity and organizational design, - Communication platform “Beekeeper” then "Qnnect"  Launching of the first IHG French training center in Europe for more than 30 IHG properties.


    Silhouette Wellness SA - Geneva, Switzerland

    Recursos Humanos
    febrero 2015 - febrero 2016 · 1 año y 1 mes

    AREA Human Resources Director, 600 people on 4 cantons (GE, VD, NE, ZH) Management by LBO, SEC & Partners, 21 Partners Management of the HR team of 2.5 people  Elaborated, planning and executed the global strategy with the shareholders.  Restructuring plan (decrease of 100 employees in a year) and creation of the DATA room in order to sell the company  Daily work with “8 Advisory” and “Ernst & Young”, in order to prepare all figures and the strategy for the next coming 5 years  Full audit of HR Processes  Implementation of management processes, determining personnel policy, choice of targets and indicators of the personnel policy, HR dashboards design  Definition of core processes, management planning, engagement, performance management, skills development, career development, remuneration, working conditions, internal communication, transverse process (equality, health and safety, training, apprenticeship training, management conflicts, harassment)  Definition of support processes, accountability and HR team, internal system of human resource management, and regulatory staff  Definition of the salary and the organizational structure  Establishment of internal regulations, labor contracts and endorsements by functions in two languages (French and German)  Audit of insurance policies and integration of an insurance broker  Update personnel records and implementation of efficient working structure.

  • HRD

    La Réserve Genève Hotel & Spa - Geneva, Switzerland

    Recursos Humanos
    febrero 2010 - febrero 2015 · 5 años y 1 mes

    La Réserve Genève Hotel & SPA ***** (260-320 employees) Management of the HR team of 1.8 people  Support of management in the deployment of human resources strategy, and the Board on issues HR development management: recruitment, integration, training, mobility and career management  Member Head of Quality & Creativity Committee, Health, Safety and Environment  Supervision of compensation management, payroll and personnel administration  Management of payroll and monitoring of key indicators related to the Finance Department  Social Relationship Management in tandem with the Managing Director  Role of internal referent for the legal framework (individual rights, collective, social eve).  Establishment of an equivalent standard administrative EFQM, labeled LQ3 in 2012 (including steering axles, strategy, team organization, revision of partnerships, resources, processes, products, services, analysis of the results via scoreboards, returning results on qualities of employees / clients / society and creating an action plan "constant improvement".).  Implementation of new programs: - MRMANAG salary management, - MRTIME management resource planning, - MRBUDGET enforcement budget, - ELO electronic archiving of data, - KEYWATCHER Clefs management software, - EASYDENTICS access management software, - Communication platform "INTRANET" - Good management system intervention of the technical department.  Establishment of the company's training program in partnership with Luxury Attitude, including training of all managers and company employees.  Recruitment of a Chinese 1 Michelin Star Chef for the Tse Fung Restaurant, establishment of the new team in order to open the restaurant after renovation.  Support the development and the implementation of an HR committee, Inter-hotel group, representing 10 luxury hotels in France and Switzerland. (Victoria Jung Frau Collection, Seiler Hotels, and Michel Reybier Hospitality Collection).  Support the development of the implementation of the Brand NESCENS by recruiting a Medical Doctor on Anti-aging, a sports nutritionist and two Physiotherapists.

  • ADHR

    Mövenpick Group, Mövenpick Hotel Lausanne **** - Lausanne, Switzerland

    Recursos Humanos
    octubre 2005 - febrero 2010 · 4 años y 5 meses

    - 150 to 180 employees Responsible for the administration of the Human Resources office.  Selection of applications, job interviews,  Constitution of personnel records (contracts, licenses, avs card company instructions in German, writing of work certificates)  Arrivals and departures of employees  Capturing and calculating payments, wages, the general fund  Monitoring of social insurance (health, accident, maternity, military, unemployment)  Monitoring and support of staff (birth, death, warning, dismissal, transfer, relocation, promotion, training)  Management of the Staff building, 38 studios (internal leasing, external, rent collection, drafting of leases)  Member of the Quality and Safety Committee: audit of sales points presentation to executives, stat tracking, implementation of action plans, pro-active management of accidents, preventive maintenance  Replacement of management in child care, 2 to 3 times a month  Establishment of a process limiting absenteeism from work  Replacement of HRD during missions 3 months during the implementation of the human resources office for the opening of Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts Sousse.

  • Accountant

    Beau-Rivage Palace Lausanne - Lausanne, Switzerland

    Finanzas / Contabilidad
    febrero 2002 - octubre 2005 · 3 años y 9 meses

    Various shifts worked in accounts payable, accounts receivable, revenue control. (Monitoring of cash and point of sales of the two institutions; Management of receivables, recovery, development and continued maintenance of the balance; Training of new employees for positions in accounting; Control group billings, banquets and seminars; Handrails on both hotels; Preparatory tasks to Balances; Monitoring the night staff; Temporary replacement of night manager.


  • Lycée Hôtelier Savoie Léman - Thonon-les-Bains, France

    junio 1998 - septiembre 2002


  • Inglés
    Competencia profesional completa
  • Alemán
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  • Experience in recruitment
  • Hotel Management
  • Human Resources
  • Strong hospitality
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