Léa Ou

Léa Ou

Primary students tutor en Bo Fang Edu
Vive en Groningen, Netherlands

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Sobre mí

Being raised in eastern and western dual-cultural environment, I become both interdependent and independent. Individualistically, I am competitive on quick-learning, multi-tasking and high intelligence. I passed the interdisciplinary courses with good grades in university and understood four foreign languages other than Cantonese and Mandarin. In collectivistic society, being called as a ‘problem-solver’, I can both be a responsible and efficient leader, and a supportive and creative team member. In the past group projects, I have been both a leader to delegate tasks and motivate members, and a group member to summarize all ideas and boost complementarities within the whole team. With experience in psychology, I analyzed problems with my logic and communicate with others with my empathy in everyday life. I may not have rich formal working experiences but traveling a lot enables me to adapt to new place and new life fast.


1 año y 6 meses

  • Primary students tutor

    Bo Fang Edu - Foshan, China

    Administración y Gestión
    enero 2018 - agosto 2018 · 8 meses

    - Help with primary school students on homework after classes - Discussing better methods with students on solving the academic problems - Taking good care of students during summer and winter holidays

  • Online mentor

    Coursera - Enschede, Netherlands

    Administración y Gestión
    septiembre 2015 - enero 2016 · 5 meses

    - Course provider: Emory University - Participating on discussion regarding course content - Solving problems and answering students' questions other than course content

  • Intern editor

    Tian Huo Tong Ren Advertising Company - Guangzhou, China

    Administración y Gestión
    marzo 2013 - junio 2013 · 5 meses

    - Gathering data from online researches - Editing documents - Preparing for book publishing


  • Association Chartered Certified Accountant

    ACCA - London, United Kingdom

    septiembre 2017 - junio 2019

    F1 Accountant in business F2 Management accounting F3 Financial accounting F4 Corporate and business law F7 Financial reporting

  • Bachelor

    University College Groningen - Groningen, Netherlands

    septiembre 2016 - junio 2019

    - Challenges of modern society - Research and methodology: critical thinking, statistics, linear algebra, calculus - Skills and project: creating the horizon - Chemistry - Microeconomics - Introduction to human geography - The social environment (social psychology) - The inner person (biological psychology and anatomy) - Macroeconomics - Project: Neighborhood priorities

  • Propedeutic graduation

    Saxion University of Applied Science - Enschede, Netherlands

    septiembre 2015 - julio 2016

    - Introduction to Psychology - Organizational behaviors - Organizations and work design - International business and ethics - Business economics - Basic communication I II III - Professional communication - Intercultural communications - Group dynamics - Project management - Human talent development - Job evaluation and reward system - Research skills 1 - International human resource management - International competitive labor law - People and labor

  • Year One

    IHTTI School of Hotel Management - Neuchâtel, Switzerland

    septiembre 2014 - enero 2015

    - Accounting principles - Personal development & leadership - F&B service (Practice) - F&B management - Wine and bar - F&B Theory and menu planning - Health and hygiene - F&B advanced services - Hospitality studies - Information systems 1 - Elementary German


6 idiomas

  • Cantonese

    Nativo o fluido

  • Chino

    Nativo o fluido

  • Inglés

    Competencia básica profesional

  • Coreano

    Competencia básica limitada

  • Francés


  • Alemán


Información personal


  • Chino

Fecha de nacimiento

September 03rd 1994


7 aptitudes

  • collaborative works
  • Cooledit Pro
  • Detailed-oriented
  • Google Applications
  • Graphic software
  • Microsoft Suite
  • Problems solving

Información adicional

1 información compartida

  • Reference letter

    A reference letter added by university mentor Ms. Ayse Arslanargin Dereli as a supplementary document.

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