General Manager (M/F) - JO&JOE MEDELLIN (Opening)
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General Manager (M/F) - JO&JOE MEDELLIN (Opening)

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General Manager (M/F) - JO&JOE MEDELLIN (Opening)

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Job Description

We are looking for the future General Manager (M/F) of JO&JOE MEDELLIN for our new JO&JOE where you can experience the Colombian way.

Who are we?

Travel to the corner of your street or to the other side of the world

Before, you had to choose between the comfort of a hotel and the friendliness of a youth hostel. JO&JOE has invented a place where travelling is not only about the destination, but also about the experience. Whether it's for a few hours or a longer holiday, JO&JOE will be happy to take you on board.

JO&JOE MEDELLIN is the perfect playground for everyone. Its restaurant and bar in the heart of Medellin, its dormitories and private rooms with innovative design, its crazy events... Everything is done to enjoy and share a good time !

Our team

Do you want to be part of a wonderful family that will grow with you?

The JO&JOE spirit?

It's about giving meaning to the values we hold dear.

It's an employee who understands the spirit we want to give to our JO&JOE.

This requires listening and communication between managers and employees.

At JO&JOE, the teamsters, from the region or elsewhere, are chosen for their personality, their communicative energy, their history... Our motto: to make our clients' visits memorable, for a drink or several nights! You are the guarantors of the unique identity of each JO&JOE.

Work Experience

Building a Sustainable and Innovative business

  • Keep up to date and communicate with your team all current promotions within the Jo & Joe group, to provide information to guests, on request in order to utilise cross selling opportunities
  • Propose and implement effective local marketing strategies to ensure unit exposure and growth
  • Work in collaboration with the Sales and Yield Managers to insure the optimisation of the unit’s growth, adapting segment to demand with dynamic pricing
  • Insure that third party partners adhere to the Jo &Joe process and procedures with regard to their contracts

Leading and developing people

  • Manage the team, including motivating and leading the team to work to the highest standards, at all times
  • Identify and monitor training needs and take an active role in developing people
  • Manage the day-to-day performance of staff, in line with company personnel policies and procedures
  • Manage the day-to-day attendance of staff and managers, in line with company sickness and absence management policies and procedures
  • Deal with any employee complaints and/or grievances promptly, in line with company guidelines
  • Communicate effectively with the team, through weekly team meetings
  • Manage and maintain employee personnel & training files
  • Identify recruitment needs and take an active role in search and selection activities and the appointment of staff, in line with the company recruitment process, ensuring that all paperwork is correct, completed, and copied to all necessary parties concerned
  • Take responsibility for your own development by completing in-house training and communicating learning needs with your DOP
  • Always adhere to all company policies and procedures and licensing laws

Achieving targets and Growing profits

  • Review P&L accounts monthly with the DOP and accounts team, agreeing on transactions, room for improvement, any targets not achieved, and any help required centrally to achieve them
  • Maximise all sales opportunities in the business, including quality of food and drink service and availability
  • Have an thorough understanding of all centralised promotions and point-of-sale or merchandising requirements
  • Working with your team and DOP to maximise profit wherever possible whilst still delivering a great experience for our customer and maintaining retail integrity
  • Manage and maintain the administration of reservations, cancellations and no-shows, in line with company policy

Maintaining Controls and Standards

  • Take full responsibility for the results achieved in the unit, including profit and loss (P&L) performance, stock, standards and audits
  • Ensure that all operating, procedures are adhered to, in line with company policy, ensuring the safety and security of our customers and staff
  • Familiarise with the workplace and be ultimately accountable for all areas of the unit, to ensure that best practice is maintained by the team and that any areas requiring improvement may be identified
  • Control and be accountable for all aspects of finance within the unit, including sales, gross profit, stock control, yield, bed occupancy, core wages and controllable expenditure
  • Control all office administration procedures and ensure that the management team complies with company standards
  • Be accountable for all cash management throughout the unit, including third-party providers (such as ATMs); conduct thorough investigations for all cash-loss issues
  • Forecast sales and wages weekly/monthly
  • Be responsible for accurate rota-planning, based on forecast sales and core wage budget, budgeted targets and forecasts, taking the necessary daily action to reduce/increase
  • Plan all rotas in line with hours, in line with sales
  • Manage all delivery processes, including checking in orders, storage, stock rotation, security, loss investigation and staff training
  • Manage all stock-management processes, including timely stock counts, line checks, wastage report
  • Carry out quarterly risk assessments to ensure staff and customers’ safety; and raising issues with the maintenance team and retail development manager as and when they occur
  • Ensure the completion of daily top to bottom unit checks and to raise, monitor and manage all maintenance issues with the management team as and when required
  • Be aware and adhere to any local/regional/ health and safety at work regulations

Providing a brilliant experience for our customers

  • Deliver excellent customer service and maintain a high standard of customer management, at all times
  • Develop and lead a workplace culture focused on delivering an outstanding experience for our customers
  • Strive to continually improve our product to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Delivers product and experience within guidelines to ensure consistent customer experience

You must:

  • All Documentation required by any Local/Regional/National certifying or governing bodies in which to operate legally within the country.
  • Be able to converse fluently in English and the local language
  • Have previous management experience in a high volume hospitality environment


General Manager (M/F) - JO&JOE MEDELLIN (Opening)

Antioquia, Colombia

A tiempo completo, Indefinido

Fecha de inicio:Lo antes posible

Fecha limite de comienzo:

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