Kitchen Commis
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Kitchen Commis

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·        Assist in food preparation by washing, cutting, and measuring ingredients.

·        Support chefs in cooking and following recipes.

·        Set up workstations and ensure all necessary tools are available.

·        Clean and maintain kitchen equipment.

·        Monitor and replenish ingredient stock.

·        Follow food safety and hygiene guidelines.

·        Keep the kitchen area clean and organized.

·        Collaborate with the kitchen team.

·        Adhere to company policies and procedures.

·        Receiving deliveries and verifying that all ordered items have been delivered and are of good quality.

·        Taking inventory of restaurant supplies and notifying the supervisor of low or depleted supplies.

·        Discarding all expired and spoiled food items stored in the stock rooms, refrigerators, and freezers.

·        Performing basic cleaning duties and ensuring that workstations are properly sanitized.

·        Plating and presenting meal items as per the Chef’s instructions.

La empresa

Constance Hotels and Resorts is the pioneer of luxury hospitality in the Indian Ocean, providing exclusive experiences to our guests through passionate employees and tailor-made services. We share our idea of luxury through our art of living: experience the finest moments in life in settings of pure beauty, without ostentation.
Our passion is driven by turning guests’ dreams into unique emotional experiences, exceeding their expectations.

We are a high-performing family, dedicated and determined to excel ourselves in our services.
Our passion has made us the leaders of luxury hospitality in the Indian Ocean and beyond.
Proud winner of a multitude of prestigious awards and accolades, at Constance Hotels and Resorts we believe in team work, innovation, creativity and excellence without forgetting our multi-cultural heritage.
Be part of our excellence, be part of Constance Family.

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Kitchen Commis

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