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Descripción de empleo


The Guest Service Agent is responsible to provide fast, efficient and courteous service at all times to guests. He/She makes sure that the daily duties of the Reception are carried out and deals with all guest queries by providing accurate information and proper follow up.

He/She is fully responsible for the Reception cash float and performs currency exchange and payment of invoices.

The Guest Service Agent is responsible for the efficient handling of all telephone communications in a friendly and professional manner.



Responsibilities and duties for this position shall include, but not be limited to, the following areas and activities. At Management discretion, direction may be given for tasks outside the scope of work described.


  1. General
  • At all times offer graceful, personalised and caring service towards all guests as you are an ambassador of the Constance Moofushi Resort Maldives service philosophy 
  • To embody in all your interactions with guests, passion and enthusiasm for service, focusing all attention on the guests 
    • At all times exhibit good posture and an elegant demeanor, and  speak in a polite and attentive manner
    • Always address the guests with their name, keeping eye contact and smiling
    • At all times take ownership of guests request and do not refer guests elsewhere
    • At all times adhere to the grooming and etiquette standards of the resort
    • Always display punctuality and good attendance as an act of responsibility towards the guest service and towards your colleagues  
    • Always be courteous, considerate, supportive and respectful towards other team members of FO and rest of the resort. Treat others as you would like to be treated.  
    • Ensure to keep yourself updated with the role of FO in Fire, Tsunami and First Aid  standards , through trainings
    • Attend all the trainings that you are assigned to within your department or on a resort level


  1. Work Duties Guest Relation:
  • Be knowledgeable of all resort facilities and of your job duties
  • Be knowledgeable of all department and general SOP’s relevant for your job tasks
  • Be knowledgeable about daily MAT operation
  • Attend the daily briefing and keep yourself informed about all arrivals of the day 
  • Check and ensure that all traces and guest requests for future arrivals have been pre arranged by coordinating with other departments and place the same information in traces
  • Ensure that all arrival guests whose contacts details are known (repeaters, direct bookings) are contacted 1 week prior to arrival in order to anticipate the resort experience and offer pre-arrival assistance if needed
  • Handle seaplane arrivals and departures as per training given 
  • Ensure that all arrival guests receive a welcome as per resort standards
  • Ensure that all departure guests receive a farewell as per resort standard
  • Ensure that all back to back arrival and departure guests and room moves are handled as per resort standards
  • Always be aware of guests arriving, in house and departing who pertain to your language specialty and assist them whenever this is necessary
  • Ensure all the guests that you have checked in, pertain to your language specialty or assigned to you by GSS or FO & GRM are contacted with courtesy calls as per resort standards
  • Establish and maintain relationship with guests during their stay through eventual site inspections, courtesy calls, assistance during the stay and visits in outlets  
  • As a person in close relationship with the guests during their stay, actively collect guest preferences and pass them on to the Reservations and Profile Coordinator
  • To handle and follow up promptly guest issues or requests as per resort standard
  • Keep Guest Relation Desk in Reception Area manned at all times
  • Promote and execute the booking of restaurants, private functions and excursions
  • Ensure that all daily guest information documents are completed in timely manner (daily newsletter, various confirmation letters, etc)
  • Coordinate the printing of designated guest documents
  • Coordinate with Porters the transfer of the guests and their luggage whilst in resort 
  • Provide support and assistance to Reception, Telephone Operators and Porters when required.
  • Escort guests for excursions if and when required by GSS or FO & GRM
  • Assist Sales and Marketing Coordinator with site inspections/ hosting’s when required.
  • Use communication tools in place to follow up on all guest arrangements or requests (WISH traces and Lotus calendar)
  • Maintain the order and cleanliness of the Guest Relations/Reception and Reception Lounge areas.


  1. Work Duties Reception:
  • To be knowledgeable of all resort facilities and of booking procedures for restaurants, excursions and private functions
  • To be able to provide resort arrival information
  • To be able to assist FO Team members when necessary and if required by GSS or FO & GRM
  • To organise reception counters at beginning of each shift with necessary supporting documents and resort information
  • To be familiar with all Constance Moofushi Resort Maldives FO procedures and standards, and act accordingly
  • To be familiar with all WISH functions necessary for daily FO tasks
  • To be able to use correctly all cashier functions (as per cashier training list signed off) 
  • To be able to maintain the sufficient cash float in a proper manner
  • To be familiar with all resort rates
  • To be able to take reservation requests in case of absence of Reservation Coordinator
  • To be familiar with all room types, VIP levels and amenities
  • To be able to understand MAT list and basics of MAT operation as necessary for daily Reception tasks   
  • To be able to read and understand reservation summary, complimentary forms and vouchers 
  • To have basic knowledge of airlines and ticket handling procedures
  • To be able to follow up on guest lost luggage situations
  • To be able to organise all resort arrivals and departures according to the established procedures
  • To maintain Reception area and back office cleanliness at all times
  • To be able to handle room moves, back to back arrival rooms and check outs without delay and according to the established procedures 
  • To be able to prepare back to back and room move list
  • To follow up of daily traces
  • To be able to complete BED TAX report on daily basis
  • To strictly follow billing instructions mentioned in reservation summary, COMP forms or check out alerts
  • To be able to use key system
  • To be familiar with “safety box open in guest room” procedure
  • To be able to drive the resort buggies as per standard
  • To continually keep Lotus calendar updated in order to be able to follow up on guest requests and organize desk operation
  • Ensure that guest bills are delivered to them accurately and the evening before departure
  • Ensure that guest messages, faxes and parcels are delivered through the Porters or through Reception Host if necessary


  1. Work duties Communication:
  • Handle and ensure that all incoming calls, in house calls, routing calls from departments and guests, local calls, trunk calls, and long distance calls are handled in an efficient and courteous manner as per resort standards.
  • Handle all incoming and outgoing resort and guest fax messages and keep them logged in fax log book as per resort standard
  • Handle all incoming guest messages and keep a copy in message log book , as per resort standard 
  • Ensure that all requests for wake-up calls are indeed fulfilled at the required time. Follow procedures by contacting security immediately if the guest does not answer a wake-up call or contact the HOD or MOD.
  • Use One Touch to log in all guests complaints and solutions that are offered by HOD, Duty Manager, Reception or other departments
  • Use One Touch system to log in any guest requests in regards to the rooms (items or maintenance request), coordinate with other departments (HK,ENG, F&B) and follow up on request execution and guest satisfaction
  • Print daily newsletter for outlets and guests as per the order sheet handed over by HK. Ensure that the same is charged to guests by filling out miscellaneous vouchers and passing it to Reception Host.     
  • Print guest documents needed for FO daily guest operation
  • Ensure that daily tasks are performed according to check list provided.
  • Ensure that all the equipment in the department is in working order and in good condition, and that the work area is clean at all times.
  • Report any defects in the telephone system and follow up on any repair required.
  • Ensure to be familiar with all department heads and other team member names and their extension numbers.
  • Ensure to be aware at all times of all emergency numbers (i.e. fire department, police department, doctor on duty, tsunami warning centers, department heads... etc.).
  • Protect guest privacy by not giving out guest name or room number to a caller at any time. Protect team member privacy by not giving out employees personal details to a caller at any time. Be aware of all daily functions or events happening in resort
  • Executes daily duties as per departmental and resort SOP’s


See description


Tipo de empleo
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Moofushi Island, Maldives
Responsable Relación Clientes, Recepción-Conserjería
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Constance Moofushi Resort Maldives

Situated on the South Ari atoll, Constance Moofushi Maldives ideally combines the Crusoe Chic Barefoot elegance with the highest standards of Constance Hotels and Resorts.

Its All-Inclusive package which includes Super Premium branded spirits has raised the all-inclusive offering to a higher level in luxury hospitality.

The hotel offers a plunge into the Maldivian authenticity with the possibility to visit local fishing village or to experience big game fishing, trolling the Maldivian style.

At 30 minutes from Constance Moofushi Maldives the most splendid dive sites of the world where ray manta or whale shark can be observed.

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