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Housekeeping Manager

MSC Cruises


Housekeeping Manager

Descripción de empleo


The Housekeeping Manager is the person responsible for the daily operations of the Housekeeping Department, ensuring that all Housekeeping Personnel carry out their assignments and providing the highest standard of cleanliness, disinfection and service to Guests in all accommodation, public and crew areas.


Ensure that the daily operations of the Housekeeping Department are carried out efficiently and in compliance with the Company Safety and Public Health requirements.

Implement the Standard Procedures and ensure they are respected for all the operations in the Housekeeping Department.

Ensure the highest standard of cleanliness, disinfection and service to Guests in all accommodations and public areas and to Crew in crew areas.Conduct training meetings with all Housekeeping Personnel based on MSC Standards, reviewing procedures, problems and comments highlighted in the most recent Comment Forms.

Provide detailed training on the use of cleaning chemicals, protective clothing and equipment assigned to the Housekeeping department.

Ensure all Personnel knows where to find and how to read the Material Data Safety Sheets relating to chemicals used in their duties, understands and responds to accidents that may be caused by these chemicals and/or equipment.

Effectively direct, support, train, develop and evaluate the Housekeeping team, identifying opportunities.

Administer absolute equality in assessments, promotions and positioning, regardless of race, gender, origin, gender orientation, religion, or family connections.


Fluent in oral and written English. Ability to communicate in other principal European languages is highly desirable.High School graduate. Specialization in the hospitality field is desirable.Minimum of proven 5 years of experience as Housekeeping Manager on board Criues ships.Ability to work in a harmonious productive team environment.

Familiar with and able to use basic Windows–based programs, including Word, Excel, Outlook, and any current ship management program in use on assigned ship (training provided).

Proven multi-operational skills in Cruise Ship Housekeeping operations in a multinational environment.

Ability to manage the Hotel's Housekeeping section professionally, efficiently and economically.

Qualified (by documented experience) to comply with requirements of Social Accountability in fair and just human resource management techniques.

Documented understanding and application of Company sanitation protocols relating to areas covered in this position. VISA REQUIREMENTS

Valid passport (at least with 12 months validity before joining).


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MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises is the fastest-growing cruise line in the world. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, MSC Cruises is part of the Cruises Division of MSC Group, the privately-held Swiss-based leading shipping and logistics conglomerate.

MSC Cruises’ fleet of 17 modern and innovative ships is one of the most environmentally-advanced in the industry. The Company is committed to environmental stewardship and works to minimise and continuously reduce the environmental impact of its fleet both while at sea and ashore by employing innovative marine and environmental technologies. With a long-term goal to achieve zero emissions, MSC Cruises became the first major global cruise line to offset 100 per cent of its ships’ carbon emissions.

An industry-unprecedented €11.6 billion plan will see MSC Cruises’ contemporary fleet increase to 25 ships by 2027. Additionally, MSC Group’s Cruises Division is investing an additional €2 billion in a new luxury cruise brand comprising four super-yacht ships, launching one per year between 2023 and 2026.

Sailing to nearly 250 destinations across five continents, MSC Cruises brings together more than 180 nationalities from around the world, offering an enriching and immersive cruise experience inspired by the Company’s European heritage. Expect to find international dining, world-class entertainment, award-winning family programmes and the very latest guest-friendly technology onboard.

MSC Cruises is the only company in the world to receive the "7 Golden Pearls"​ award from Bureau Veritas, the global certification agency, in recognition of its high level of quality management and environmental responsibility. The Company has also achieved ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certification for the quality and food safety of all aspects of its catering, both on shore and on board. Furthermore, MSC Cruises believes that global leadership brings increased responsibility towards the physical and human environments in which it operates. As such, a long term partnership with UNICEF was undertaken in 2009 to support UNICEF’s efforts at first to provide education to under privileged children in Brazil and anti-malaria solutions in various African countries. The partnership was renewed in 2014 to tackle malnutrition in developing countries and in emergency situations. Since the beginning of the partnership, over four million euros were raised.