Head Bartender
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Head Bartender

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Head Bartender

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My Purpose
Villa Lena is hiring warm, out-going, authentically amazing people who are looking for a place to
work that inspires them, challenges them and makes them proud to come to work. A place where
service comes from the heart, not from a handbook.
Head barman will be in charge of beverage part of the Villa Lena food and beverage service, making
sure that products and delivery reflect Villa Lena ethos. Head barman will be in charge of stock
control and waste management in the beverage department. His/hers conduct must reflect Villa
Lena ethos of warm, all inclusive and earthy hospitality. He/she must make all guests feel welcome,
pay attention to their needs; have a deep understanding of all Villa Lena products in terms
beverage related agricultural produce and experiences, so to be able to speak confidently about
them to clients. He /she must possess strong business acumen in order to be able upsell on site and in the long term.
The Head Bartender must find a perfect balance between guest relations, staff supervising, training
and F&B control, such as opening/closing duties, staff uniforms and behaviour, bar cleanliness and punctuality, as well implementing bar service standards and supervising them continuously.
Above all, the Head Bartender must be passionate about his job, and specifically about all beverages
that are Italian, Tuscan, local and artisanal.
Moreover, I must embrace Villa Lena ethos, and understand it’s unique cross-section of hospitality,
culture and agriculture; and derive as much as possible from the opportunities the estate affords in
order to drive sales and customer satisfaction. I must be able to build strong relationships across all
of Villa Lena’s Departments, in order to constantly be kept in the loop of what’s going on, in order to
take advantage to deliver best customer driven results. . I understand that communication between
all departments is key to our mutual success.
We need to DEVELOP new ideas and initiates, as well as SOPs and cost control frameworks. We
need to PLAN, OVERSEE and BUDGET in order to bring the goals of our jobs to fruition in a timely
and frictionless manner. And we need to TRACK in order to evaluate our successes and failure to
learn from them for the future constant growth and evolution of the Villa Lena brand.
My Associations
I shall interact well with the hotel’s Managers, hotels guests, suppliers, business partners, and
other members of Villa Lena team. Will work in close contact with the Head Waiter and report
to the F&B Supervisor.
  • Basis salary in accordance with the italian national contract + monthly Performance Bonus Structure
  • Provided on the Estate
  • Duty Meals , Staff Discount,
  • Departamento: Alimentos & Bebidas servicio Bar

Sobre ti

F+B Staff:
- Staff hires and responsibilities for the season, together with the F&B Director
- To initiate, supervise and monitor the implementation of appropriate training to enhance
the level of knowledge, skills and attitude of F&B personnel.
- Participating in service briefings and implement a daily Suggestive sales training, especially
for beverages, to ensure a good product knowledge within the VL Staff.
- Being able to communicate and explain Villa Lena food and beverage ethos, emphasising
products that come from our own gardens; as well as talk confidently about Villa Lena
Beverage products from alcoholic to non-alcoholic.
- Directing administration and planning of the beverage department operations needs to meet
day to day expectations.
Specials of the week:
- Working with the Head Chefs and Head Waiter to understand what are weekly specials and
how to communicate and promote them to the customers.
- Working with the Internal Events and Content Manager to understand, plan, coordinate and
communicate on special experiences and workshops (related to beverages) of the week and
month, in order to produce maximum capitalization.
- Working with the F&B Manager and Head chefs to create weekly specials for beverages in
order to move maximum stock.
 To promote incremental bar sales revenue.
 To understand and manage the yearly (quarterly) Beverage operating budgets.
 To monitor Beverage budgets and costs as per company policy.
 To control inventories of Beverage commodities, small equipment and other consumables.
 To ensure adequate yield and profitability of Beverage operations together with the F&B
Innovation, learning and growth 
 To continuously introduce new concepts and ideas to develop the Outlets for Beverage
 To invest time and effort in his own development in order to be proactive and update in the
latest developments in the field of beverage services and optimization standards.
 Understand the local market and promote Villa Lena F&B Services throughout the region to
gain revenue streams.
 Implementing effective control of beverage costs within the bars Bi-weekly beverage cost
analysis if monthly cost is not in line with predetermined budget together with the F&B
 Assisting in establishing and achieving predetermined profit objectives and desired
standards of quality of beverages, service, cleanliness, merchandising and promotion.
 Meet annual and periodic Beverage objectives for all outlets and operate an effective and
timely Performance Management System together with the F&B Manager
 Achieving the yearly (quarterly) budgets set for VL Beverage.( Helping Kitchen to Deliver
set Goals )
 Make beverage and related food orders the night before so it can be retrieved next morning
first time.
 Report to the Duty Manager before you leave .
 Energy saving and ecological awareness must be practiced every day.
 Managing costs, upholding menu standards and controlling inventory with the F&B
Client Relations
 To ensure that guests feel welcomed and comfortable in all F&B outlets.
 To anticipate and attend to guests needs in all F&B outlets and ensure maximum guest
satisfaction at all times.
 To ensure that guests are properly informed and guided as to the choices available to them
in terms of F&B services.
 To deal promptly with customer complaints and launch service recovery procedures
whenever necessary.

Flow of Service:
- Reporting all maintenance problems in your area. Plan and provide care of equipment
furnishings and all hotel property within F&B areas and later ensuring maintenance
requests are carried out and completed.
- Being responsible for maintaining a perpetual inventory of supplies, requisitioning supplies
as required and verifying orders (Monthly Stock takes and OS&E Inventory)
- Providing on the job training to maintain consistency.
- Being responsible for the correct opening and closure of the Outlets
- Recommending and suggesting specialties to the guests through menu knowledge,
suggestive selling techniques
- Ensuring that the food and beverage items served are accordingly (e.g. presentation,
temperature, portions).
- Ensuring that guest check is presented promptly when asked by the guest. This includes
making sure that the guest check is accurate and contains all the items ordered by the
- Ensuring that tables are cleaned promptly and reset according to department standard.
- Ensuring all areas of the restaurant are clean and free of any rubbish
- Attending to guests complaints and taking ownership and accountability to find a solution
when applicable.
- Follow all administrative rules set for cash-outs, cash handling, hiring, disciplining staff etc
- Encouraging work simplification, efficiency and general pride in work performed.
- Joining meetings with the Events Coordinator in regards to define BEO, Staffing , and
purchasing Orders. (Always communicate and involve purchaising head chef and F&B
suprevisor) special upcoming events and promotions and updating your team respectively.
- In case of detecting any suspicious items on site of the hotel, inform Security Department
- Protect property of the hotel from theft and/or damage.
- Support and assist the Kitchen in operations whenever necessary.
- To liaise and organize in cooperation with Housekeeping Department that the established
cleaning schedules are strictly adhered to.
- To organize weekly cleaning schedules for all outlets
- To regularly review F&B service processes and standards with a view to constantly improve
upon them.
- To conduct daily and monthly communication meetings to ensure an effective flow of
information occurs within the department
- Assuring customer satisfaction. Welcoming new and repetitive guests. Following up with
management, giving feedback
- Participating in service briefings
- Creating and managing all beverage par stocks
- Opening and closing the entire establishment for hours of operations
- Preparing, attending and supervising special and Private Events
- Arrange & supervise deep cleaning of the Bar once a week
- Oversee the management of the bar staff and may address issues that lower levels of
associates are unable to resolve.
To Track
- Produce weekly sales reports and monthly VL Beverage items performance (make
suggestions to optimize sales)
- To regularly report to the F&B Manager on the state of the Department.
- To track and control extra shifts and extra hours of Beverage bar staff
- To track and be responsible for all the beverage inventory together with the F&B manager
and Purchasing Manager.
- Track best – selling and least selling items
- Regularly reviewing and evaluating the degree of customer acceptance of the services
provided by the bar
3 My Essential Responsibilities
- Knowing the staff VL Manual, all the information about the upcoming events and all the
- Communicating with co-managers to ensure good customer service
- Absenteeism must be reported and kept on file. Doctor’s papers must be delivered by
- Follow up on all instructions given. Control that all jobs are done as you requested
- Cover other managers shifts during days off
- In addition to menu maintenance and event management, being involved with all of the
day-to-day functions, including associate management, guest interactions, office
administration duties, vendor communications and labour costs.
- Oversee the management of staff and may address issues that lower levels of associates
are unable to resolve.
- Ensuring that operational standards are met in regards to local sanitation regulations,
beverage storage and loss prevention.
- Directing administration and planning of the beverage department operations needs to
meet day to day expectations.
- Participating with the F&B Director and Head Chefs and any other parties concerned
in the creation of attractive merchandising menus to attract a predetermined customer
  • Idiomas requeridos: Inglés e Italiano.

La empresa

The concept behind Villa Lena is to create a genuine but interesting, relaxed and fun atmosphere for everyone who visits within a context of creative exchange. With this in mind, the grounds of Villa Lena host an artist residency attended by international multi-disciplinary artists.
Villa Lena, with its uniquely picturesque setting, is set within easy access to the most celebrated cities of Tuscany. Florence and Pisa with their international airports are only a short drive away.
The estate itself sprawls over 500 hectares of woodland, olive groves and vineyards, filled with extraordinary fauna and wildlife. The heart of the property includes a heritage listed 19th century villa.
The restoration of Villa Lena commenced in 2013. Interior designer Clarisse Demory revived the living spaces by recycling and restoring some of the existing Tuscan furniture combined with vintage mid century pieces. This eclectic "neo folk" style creates a fresh and uncluttered atmosphere throughout the hotel. Guests can now enjoy accommodation speckled over several residencies, including rooms in converted stables, self-contained apartments, and private houses.

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Head Bartender

Tuscany, Italia

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