Charlotte Guyot European Partner Manager at ITN Paris

There’s no one better to guide students through an exchange program with ITN than Charlotte Guyot. After completing her J-1 program in Los Angeles, CA with ITN, Charlotte Guyot joined the team as the European Partner Manager at ITN in Paris, France! In her position, she is in charge of building strong relationships with their Hospitality School partners and helping candidates through the streamline J-1 Exchange Program application process from beginning to end.
From the first step of finding a placement in the United States, to the second step of getting a Visa sponsor and, finally, to the third step of packing your bags and starting your unforgettable journey abroad, Charlotte Guyot makes sure you’re not alone through those life-changing moments.
As designated by the United States Department of State ODYSSEY International Exchange, ITN’s sister company, provides J-1 Visa Sponsorship and make the whole process easier and faster for all participants. Together with the rest of the ITN and Odyssey team, they assist on everything candidates might need before the big move to the United States.

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