Amelia Gil and Paula Elum METRO Potentials

METRO Cash & Carry is serious about young talents. Just ask Paula and Amelia. Paula, a 2016 graduate of the METRO Potentials management trainee programme, is now working for Makro in Madrid, Spain as a Supply & Demand Manager and a Project Manager for JDA Implementation. Amelia began the programme in October 2016, and is working through her first block in the Makro store in Valencia, Spain. Having each studied a Master’s degree in Business Administration, the two girls had something else in common: they both wanted to work for an international company that would offer them opportunity for personal and professional growth.

METRO’s investment in developing future managers is easily seen in the resources they dedicate to the METRO Potentials programme. A METRO Potential has the opportunity to learn from the bottom to the top, getting a full view of the wholesale business. Starting in a store in their home country, each Potential completes five training blocks, which takes them from the local store to the Düsseldorf headquarters over the two years. Potentials benefit from both on-the-job training and off-the-job learning modules over the course of the programme.

Support is also highly emphasised during the trainee programme, and Paula and Amelia both speak to the guidance and assistance they receive each step of the way. From coaches during each block to a Board Member mentor throughout the programme, METRO ensures that each Potential has the support system they need to grow and excel.

To learn more about Amelia and Paula and why they encourage young graduates to consider METRO Potentials, watch the videos below.

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