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Casa dell’HoReCa is a prime example of the unique and innovative ways that METRO aims to please its customers. The first of its kind, the Casa dell’HoReCa store in Bologna, Italy is more than just a market for area hospitality providers to find the best products. The 14.000 square meter store features a showroom and the METRO Academy, where an onsite chef provides cooking demonstrations and consultancies in order to interact with customers, understand their needs, and provide solutions.

Ask anyone at Casa dell’HoReCa and they’ll tell you – the primary focus of each employee is to provide customers with top notch service, whether that is finding the best ingredients for their menus or allowing them to consult with the showroom specialist on table top products from the best names in the business. It’s this different approach to customer service and interaction that continues to set METRO apart, and despite being part of a big international company, Casa dell’HoReCa, like all METRO and makro stores, gets to keep its personal and localised touch.

Find out how La Casa dell’HoReCa sets itself apart by watching the video.

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