Heiko Hutmacher Chief Human Resources Officer

Heiko Hutmacher has had a very international career. He has worked in Human Resources, an area he has great passion for, across four continents. While he admits that initially he was not attracted to working for METRO, it was the internationality and growth of the company that convinced him to move back to his home country and has kept him there for the past five years. 

Heiko, who now serves on the Board of Management, overseeing areas including HR, IT, and Sustainability, emphasises, “METRO is a very global player with a very international environment, very agile, and very close to customers.” He believes that the international nature of the company, ability to work directly with customers, and opportunities for career growth, make METRO appealing not only to job seekers, but especially to those with a hospitality background. 

METRO focuses heavily on its customers, the main segment being those from the HoReCa sector. People who succeed at METRO have good analytical and strategic thinking capabilities matched with a pragmatic and hands-on style, and above all, are customer focused. “What we’re looking for is to attract people in all countries,” he says, “whether in a headquarter or a store-based environment, and those that can bring the thinking capability together with the doing capability.”

Watch below to learn more about what METRO values in its employees and the benefits of working for this large international organisation.

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