There is a reason why Olaf Koch was appointed as METRO’s CEO. His passion and vision, along with his impressive track record - he previously held senior roles at DaimlerChrysler, Mercedes-Benz, Permira and Hugo Boss - make him a vital force behind the company’s success. “We want to help those who are everyday heroes in hospitality, in independent groceries, in all kinds of small businesses. That is what drives us and motivates us. Their success is our business.”

A member of the METRO board since 2009, Mr. Koch believes digitization and relationship building to be a major game-changing opportunity for businesses in the hospitality industry. This vision is what’s pushing the company towards a new era of delivering digital innovative solutions for its customers. “We are only seeing the beginning of a digital movement for our customers, for our partners, and for METRO.”

What makes METRO different? They value new ideas and embrace a local approach on a global scale. In the 25 countries they operate in, they empower each team to adapt their business based on their specific market. This unique strategy allows the local entrepreneur more control over the success of his business, and allows METRO to better provide a tailor-made solution for them while fully utilizing their global resources. In the words of Mr. Koch, “we want to be champions for independent businesses. We do it because we believe that the diversity of taste is what makes a culture rich.”

Watch the videos below to learn more about METRO’s commitment to its employees and the benefits of working for this inspiring international organisation.

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