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Night Auditor

Baglioni Relais Santa Croce


Night Auditor

Description du poste

Baglioni Hotels S.p.A. è un importante gruppo Italiano operante nel settore turistico - alberghiero del segmento lusso.
Per il nostro Relais Santa Croce, sito a Firenze, una meravigliosa dimora privata situata in Via Ghibellina, tra la Basilica di Santa Croce e il Duomo

Ricerchiamo un Night Auditor / Receptionist turnante


Il/la candidato/a ideale, serio e disponibile, dotato di spirito di iniziativa, curiosità ed empatia, possiede i seguenti requisiti:

Laurea Triennale

esperienza nella mansione in Hotel 4/5 stelle

Ottima conoscenza della lingua inglese e preferibilmente di una seconda lingua straniera tra spagnolo, russo, francese, tedesco

Capacità a lavorare in team

Buona capacità di organizzazione del lavoro;

Spirito di osservazione e problem solving;

Incisività e orientamento ai risultati


Temps plein
Florence, Italie
Anglais, Italien
Dès que possible
Durée du contrat
6 mois

Baglioni Hotels & Resorts

Our Group was created in 1974, when Roberto Polito built his first establishment in Punta Ala, Tuscany (Hotel Cala del Porto), working with his wife Lisa to develop a unique concept of hospitality in terms of life experience: a journey in the Italian style through its culture and various traditions.

With this in mind, we developed a Collection which currently counts 8 exclusive hotels and 1 resort mainly located in period buildings in the historical centres of Europe’s major cities of art. There are five hotels in Italy, two in France and one in the heart of London, a hotel inaugurated in March 2004, marking a significant turning point in the design concept for our Collection.

Today, our great adventure is beginning afresh courtesy of the family’s younger generation, Luca Magni and Guido Polito, the Group’s CEO, who are guiding the company towards new international projects.

One of the most significant examples of the new management is the idea behind the Baglioni Hotel in London, with its innovative style that has reinvigorated the image of the brand thanks to a close attention to detail, the careful selection of materials, and a constant balance between tradition and modernity, in the search for a less formal and more subtle vision of elegance and hospitality. This new concept of contemporary luxury is aimed at an increasingly demanding public that is attentive to new trends, such as our most exclusive suite – Roman Penthouse – a 590 sqm apartment with the best panoramic view of the Eternal City.

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