Payroll Master cum General Cashier (Mauritian Nationals only)
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Payroll Master cum General Cashier (Mauritian Nationals only)

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Payroll Master cum General Cashier (Mauritian Nationals only)

À propos du poste

Company Description

A luxury hospitality brand for modern travellers, Anantara connects guests to genuine places, people and stories through personal experiences and providing heartfelt hospitality in the world’s most exciting destinations. From pristine islands and tropical beaches to cosmopolitan cities, tranquil deserts and lush jungles, Anantara welcomes guests for journeys rich in discovery.

Job Description

Payroll Master cum General Cashier is a member of the Finance team that will ensure accurate complex calculation of commission and incentive of specific roles in the organization.

As a member of the finance department, this role is responsible for ensuring that all the financial affairs of the hotel are conducted to the highest standards of honesty and integrity.  High ethical standards are necessary to maintain both competitive advantage and the pride and confidence of our team members, and to provide quality products and services to customers and clients.

Key Responsibilities

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of everything that needs to be done.  Anantara employees always find new ways to look after the business, their guests, and their colleagues.   Within this, the key responsibilities for this position are:

  • To collect and process all invoices for payment after appropriate purchase orders and authorizations have been obtained.
  • To prepare payment listing as scheduled, and ensure payment has been approved prior to process payment order.
  • Ensure all necessary reporting obligations are met, on time
  • Ensure that the cost distribution and account code charge for every payment are in line with the guidelines of the hotel operation.
  • Maintaining an effective filing and reference system to support management of the affairs of the finance department
  • Arranging credit facilities as necessary with suppliers.
  • Maintaining an accurate accruals register for period end.
  • Verify vendor accounts by reconciling monthly statements. Enter new or update vendor names and data
  • Charge expenses to accounts and cost centers by analyzing invoice/expense reports and recording entries
  • To maintain a clean monthly supplier ageing reports with explanation and reconciled with Statement of Accounts of Supplier.
  • Reconciliation of petty cash on a monthly basis
  • Report sales taxes by calculating requirements on paid invoices
  • Provide accurate and effective document preparation and records management relative to the AP function in accordance with records retention policies and procedures
  • To ensure that all attendance records are properly completed and approved by the Heads of Departments.
  • To balance and verify other deduction such as city ledger, advance or other deductions.
  • To detail payroll withholdings for local Labour insurance and income tax and submit for timely processing of payment.
  • To prepare the hotel’s payrolls accurately and timely as per prescribed requirements.
  • To reconcile monthly payroll cost and to prepare the resulting journal entries for posting to the General Ledger.
  • To prepare and verify periodic declarations of employee/ employer payroll tax liabilities as required by the local regulations and submit for timely payment.
  • To ensure that all departing employees are accurately paid in accordance with statutory requirements and as per contractual agreement.
  • To maintain up-to-date well organized files in support of all payroll input, tax and other withholdings.
  • Performing related duties and special projects as assigned.


• Bachelors Degree in Finance or Accounting or any related fields;
• Good in MS Excel Skill;
• Strong analytical skill (Ability to read, interpret and communicate detailed quantitative data);
• A polite and tactful communication style;
• Highly flexible and be able to work under pressure;
• Strong communication and Interpersonal Skills;
• Strong time-management, organizational skills and ability to self-manage; and
• Proficiency in English.

Additional Information

Applications opened to Mauritians Only


Payroll Master cum General Cashier (Mauritian Nationals only)

Plaine Magnien, Maurice

Temps plein, Indéfini

Date de début du contrat:Dès que possible

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