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Description du poste

• Assist the Sous Chef and Chef de Tournant on an as and when basis in the area assigned to him/her on the day.
• To prepare and food stuffs in accordance with menu
recipes, quality criteria’s and quantities required.
• Maintain the integrity and authenticity of recipes offered at the respective restaurant/ section.
• Source authentic ingredients and or recommend substitute ingredients, if not available on the Maltese Islands.
• Optimise cooking processes with attention to speed and quality.
• Maintain outlet safety at all times.
• Consistently maintain food and safety protection by ensuring that all food handling processes are compliant with HACCP food safety guidelines, regulations and procedures.
• Interact with customers, communicating menu items and promoting dishes listed on menu.
• To participate in Training and Development programs offered by the organisation.
• Maintain a climate of friendly cooperation
Work within budgetary framework established for the department

Profil recherché

• Completed Secondary Education
• Experience working in a kitchen environment
• Knowledge of basic kitchen preparation and various dishes and cooking methods. Sound knowledge of authentic ingredients and substitute ingredients.
• Holder of a food handler licence
• Speaks English
• Eye for detail and a passion for food and innovation
• Physically fit
• Willing to work on a shift basis in a busy kitchen environment
• Maintains a high level of personal hygiene
• Conforms with hotels grooming standards
Temps plein
Restauration cuisine, Traiteur, Tourisme
mai 2019
Prise de poste au plus tard
juin 2019
Durée du contrat
Plus de 1 an
Postes disponibles

db Group

db has a vision which is as clear as it is ambitious. We run hotels and resorts which strive to be rated by guests amongst the top ten in Europe.

db has a story to tell. About itself and what it stands for. About where we see ourselves in the world. Above all, it is a story of the people who enter our hotels as guests and leave as friends.

These are the ten chapters of the db story.

Excellence in everything
db management will not strive to be excellent. It is so. For us, excellence is not a goal but a way of doing things - by putting our heart in it for our guests.

Excellence is not limited to what is visible or directly experienced by our guests. It is the foundation of the brand and what integrates it into a single streamlined operation.

Value for money
Today’s tourism world has become one giant, completely open, market. Low cost travel has made competition healthier. With information just a mouse click away, guests’ choices have become easier. And user review sites and social media pages have made guests’ opinion king.

We at db welcome this new tourism world and embrace its challenges with pride and enthusiasm. Because it suits us fine. Because, quite simply, we offer value for money in everything we do.

Our hotels and resorts are designed and operated to offer excellent accommodation and unique restaurants. But we know that our guests expect that something extra from us – the choice to enjoy themselves according to their preferences. That’s precisely why enjoyment has its own page on the db menu.

An experience, not just a stay
A hotel stay comes and goes. But an experience lasts for a very long time. We at db do our very best to turn our guests’ stay into a unique and memorable experience.

Guests always come first
At db we don’t just believe that guests always come first. This principle defines who we are and what we stand for. We look at our hotels and resorts as places where our guests find and get what they are looking for.

Our best teacher and partner is the guest with a helpful suggestion. Listening to his or her view is the best way to keep tweaking our systems to deliver what guests desire. And deserve.

Close to you
For us, there’s more to good service than being polite and sticking to a set of rules. We treat our guests as members of our ever-growing family. To us, they are men, women and children who for a short period call one of our hotels home.

To achieve this goal our staff plays a fundamental role. That is why they undergo regular training and develop their career plans closely with us. After all, to our clients they are db.

Those who seek us
Our guests tend to look for comfort, good service, variety and a relaxing time away from it all. They also want what they desire to be within arm’s length. And we oblige.

Hosting guests from over the world
db’s hotel systems and operations are geared to host guests from all over the world, embracing widely different cultures. We pride ourselves in being sensitive to the customs, norms and preference of all our guests.

The world is our oyster
db hotels and resorts will not remain where they started. We are positioned for the global, not just the local, market. Our offer is designed to be unique and competitive across and beyond national frontiers.

We are (part of) the world
db is a business. But we are also members of the communities and societies in which we operate. We take this membership very seriously and it is part of our mission to give a positive and distinctive contribution to the places, cultures and countries where we work.

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