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Doubletree by Hilton Shenyang

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Job Description

Position Summary职位概述
Prepares and cooks food according to standard procedures, recipe cards, photographs and given instructions. Assists the Sous Chef / Junior Sous Chef in training team members. Participates in product development and in controlling the smooth operation of the kitchen. Prepares and cooks food in all areas of the kitchen as and when directed.
  • Prepares food for guests and team members efficiently, economically, and hygienically as per the standard recipes following the standards and procedures.
  • 为客人和员工高效率的提供食物,做到物美价廉,要按照标准食谱制作并且要符合食品卫生。
  • Hands on supervision of work operations.
  • 监 督厨房的正常运作。
  • Assist the Sous Chef/Junior Sous Chef in the day-to-day operation of the kitchen and to help maintain a high Standard of food preparation and presentation.
  • 协助厨师长/副厨师长管理厨房的正常运作,保证食品的高质量。
  • Support the Sous Chef/Junior Sous Chef in the overall smooth operation of the kitchen ensuring prompt service at all times.
  • 在厨房运作方面支持厨师长/副厨师长工作,保证提供高效率的服务。
  • Planning, Preparation and Implementation of High Quality Food& Beverage Products and Set-up’s in all Areas and  Restaurants.
  • 计划和准备执行高质量的食品和摆设在指定的餐厅。
  • Seamless working with Recipes, Standards and Plating Guides.
  • 严格按照菜谱、标准和摆盘标准。
  • Continuous Organization of Maintenance, Cleanliness and Hygiene according to Safe & Sound Procedures as well the established FSMS Standards.
  • 继续保持清洁和卫生依照安全和可靠的程序制定的卫生标准。
  • Maintenance of all HACCP aspects within the hotel operation.
  • 在酒店运营之中保持HACCP各方面要求。
  • Correct usage of all equipment, tools and machines.
  • 正确操作所有的设备、器具和机器。
  • Can be asked to work for off site events.
  • 可以被要求进行外卖工作。
  • Can be asked to complete tasks and jobs outside the kitchen areas.
  • 可以被要求在厨房以外的地点完成工作。
  • Can be utilised during inventories.
  • 可以被要求进行盘存工作。
  • All team members have to be knowledgeable about occupancy, events, forecast and achievements.
  •    所有员工都应知道关于住宿率,宴会,预测计划和收益。
  • Preperation of menus as per request, in timely fashion.
  • 及时的按要求准备菜单。
  • Close working relationship with the Stewarding Department to ensure high levels of cleanliness and low levels of lost and breakages.
  • 与管事部紧密的工作关系确保高质量的清洁和最低程度的破损。
  • Every guest request must be responded to complete satisfaction.
  • 对于每位客人的要求要作出回应使客人满意。
  • Willingness to learn and adapt to changes.
  • 积极的学习和适当的改变。
  • Maintain at all times a professional and positive attitude towards his team members, and supervisors alike, and behave in accordance to the established hotel rules and team member handbook for him and team member under his supervision. To ensure smooth operation of the department.
  • 时刻保持对于同事和主管等一个专业和积极的态度,依据酒店的规则和员工手册的要求行     为举止,确保部门的良好运营。
  • Coordinate, organize and participate in all production pertaining to the kitchen. Checks and follow-up on the mise-en-place of the ala carte menu and daily menus, seasonal specials. Maintains the standards of preset recipes, portion control and costing at all times.
  • 协调、组织和参与和厨房有关的所有产品的制作,检查并依照零点菜单和每日菜单,季节特供菜单。时刻保持预先设置菜单的标准,份量和成本。
  • Monitor food quality and quantity to ensure the most economical usage of ingredients.
  • 监控食品的质量和数量是确保最大限度的节约原材料。
  • Check the quality of food prepared by team member to the required standard and make necessary adjustments.
  • 检查员工准备的食品质量按需求标准和做出必要的调整。
  • Monitors the overall food operation and ensures that food items are being prepared in a timely and correct manner.
  •     监控整个食品操作并确保食品按时和正确地操作。
  • At all times understand, practice and promote the teamwork approach to achieve missions, goals, and overall departmental standards.
  • 时刻理解、实践和促进团队的工作方法,达到使命和目标和部门的总体标准。
  • The management reserves the right to change / extend this job description if necessary at any point of time during her / his employment.
  • 如有必要 ,该部门有权更改或补充该职位描述。
  • Carries out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities as assigned.
  •     完成任何其他合理的职责和被指派的职责。
    26.   Perform other related duties and special projects.
    29.    To undertake any other reasonable task or request as directed by the management.
    30.   The management reserves the right to change / extend this job description if necessary at any            point of time during her / his employment.

    Job Requirements

  • 3-4 years as Head of Kitchen in 4/5 Star category Hotel or individual restaurants with high standards.三至四年厨房经验在四/五星级酒店的咖啡厅或很高级别的个体餐厅。
  • Minimum requirements-High school graduate, Preferred – Completed Technical education in Hospitality or Culinary school .
  • 高中毕业,最好是专业烹饪学校毕业。
  • Good command in English (verbal & written) .
  • 很好的英文掌握能力(口语和书写)。
  • Up to date Sanitation Classes.
  • 更新的卫生课程。
  • Health Certificate
  • 健康证

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