Assistant Japanese Restaurant Manager

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Grand Hyatt Jakarta

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Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assists with the maintenance of a detailed Department Operations Manual that reflects policies & procedures, work processes and standards of performance within the division. Ensures annual review to accurately reflect any changes
  • Maintains the daily log book (including main figures) and submits guest and staff incident reports
  • Ensures cashiering procedures are adhered to
  • Updates bulletin board
  • Submits to Food and Beverage office the following: monthly outlet report and trainer’s report, menu analysis, competitor comparison
  • Ensures rosters are posted and timesheets submitted on time
Customer Service
  • Handles all guest requests and inquiries on food, beverage and service. Ensures that all employees establish a rapport with guests
  • Exercises efficient payroll management/resource allocation through the establishment of a flexible workforce throughout the division. This will be based on the principles of a flexible employee base (full time & part time employees), multi-skilling and multi-tasking
  • Assists with the direction of subordinates to ensure productivity meets standards given in accordance with Hyatt design standards & criteria and the Hyatt International Food and Beverage operations manual
  • Focuses attention on improving productivity levels and the need to prudently manage utility/payroll costs within acceptable guidelines ensuring optimum deployment and energy efficiency of all equipment
  • Ensures new technology & equipment are embraced, improving productivity whilst taking work out of the system (micros, birchstreet and wunderlist).
  • To constantly evaluate local, national and international market trends, vendors and other hotel/restaurant operations to make sure that the hotel’s own operations remain competitive and cutting edge.
  • To look for Marketing and Public Relations opportunities to increase awareness and ultimately business.
  • To review and analyse the weekly/monthly Menu Sales Analysis in order to recommend changes to the menu mix and engineer the menu for greater profitability and customer satisfaction.
  • To implement a guest recognition programme and maintain a guest history programme.
  • To assist in the implementation (where appropriate) of marketing programmes, including frequent-dining programmes.
  • Assists the Outlet Manager to ensure that the outlet is managed efficiently according to the established concept statement, providing courteous, professional, efficient and flexible service at all times
  • Is a hands-on manager and is present at all times in the outlet, especially during busy periods
  • Establishes and strictly adheres to the par stocks for all operating equipment, supplies, inventoried items, and ensures that the outlet is adequately equipped
  • Assists in conducting  the required monthly and bi-yearly  inventory checks
  • In the absence of the Outlet Manager, conducts daily pre-shift briefings to employees on preparation, service, menu and other important issues and attends the F&B briefing
  • Liaises with the kitchen and F&B department on daily operations and quality control
  • Has a thorough knowledge and understanding of all Food and Beverage items in the menu and the ability to recommend Food and Beverage combinations and upsell alternatives
  • Masters and can train people in operating the ResPak, Micros and Scala systems
  • Ensures that the outlet is kept clean and organised, both at the front as well as the back of house and reports any irregularities to the person in charge or the housekeeping department
  • Liaises and organizes with housekeeping department that the established cleaning schedules are strictly adhered to
  • Develops Food and Beverage service employees to work following the operational, financial, administrative philosophies willing to become multi skilled and perform multi tasks
  • Through hands on management, supervises closely all Food and Beverage service employees in the performance of their duties in accordance with policies & procedures and applicable laws
  • Delegates appropriately duties and responsibilities to equipped and resourced employees, nurturing and developing them whilst ensuring standards of operation and safety are maintained
  • Instils the training philosophies of the company and works closely with the training manager developing departmental trainers, ensuring that all managers and supervisors take an active role in the training and development of employees
  • Assists in the training of employees making sure that they have the skills necessary to perform their duties in the most productive way
  • Develops and assists with training activities focused on improving skills and knowledge
  • Ensures employees have a complete understanding of rules and regulations, and that behaviour complies
  • Monitors employee morale and provides mechanisms for performance feedback and development
  • Conducts annual performance appraisals providing honest and appropriate feedback
  • Effectively communicates guiding principles and core values to all levels of employees
Other Duties
  • Attends and contributes to all training sessions and meetings as and when required
  • Ensures all employees provide a courteous and professional service at all times
  • Handles guest and employee enquiries in a friendly, courteous and efficient manner, reporting complaints or problems if no immediate solution can be found, whilst feeding back a prompt follow up
  • Is knowledgeable in statutory legislation in employee and industrial relations, understands and strictly adheres to rules & regulations established in the employee handbook and the hotel’s policies concerning fire, hygiene and health & safety
  • Strives to build an efficient and motivated team and takes an active involvement in the welfare, safety, development and well-being of employees providing advice, counselling and truthful, diplomatic feedback
  • Ensures that all employees report for duty punctually, wearing the correct uniform and name tag at all time. Ensures that they maintain a high standard of personal appearance and hygiene and adhere to the hotel and department’s grooming standard
  • Supervises employees within the department, making sure that the correct standards and methods of service are maintained as stated in the departmental operations manual
  • Ensures that the department’s operational budget is strictly adhered to, that all costs are controlled and expenditures are properly approved
  • Complies with local legislation and is conversant and acts in accordance with any legal issues relating to your department
  • Ensures that all employees are treated fairly and consistently as outlined in their terms and conditions of employment, local legislation, and company/hotel polices and procedures
  • Maintains positive guest and colleague interactions with good working relationships
  • Exercises responsible management and behaviour at all times and positively represents the hotel management team and Hyatt International
  • Responds to requests to undertake any reasonable tasks and secondary duties and to changes as dictated by the hotel, industry and company
  • Is aware of the fact that some information and figures that are shared with her/him are confidential and not meant to be communicated to the staff members

Core Skills
  • Produces Quality Work
The ability to produce high quality work in a consistent and reliable manner, in support of Hyatt’s standards and processes
  • Achieves Results
The ability to identify priorities, solve problems, produce desired results and be accountable for commitments
  • Promotes Teamwork and Collaboration
The ability to build relationships within and across functions, balance individual and team goals, respect others and value different perspectives.
  • Communicates Effectively
       The ability to listen actively and identify appropriate messages and delivery methods to effectively influence others.
  • Shows Initiative and Resourcefulness
The ability to initiate action, make decisions, adapt, drive change, use resources efficiently and solve problems quickly, creatively and practically
  • Focuses on Customers
The ability to identify needs, shape actions and add value to relationships based on a central focus of customer satisfaction
Leadership Profile
  • Care
Hyatt’s higher purpose is based on care. Caring leaders build trust and engagement by cultivating genuine relationships. The capacity to care for one another is one of the strongest of all human traits. At the center of caring is empathy. Leaders exhibit empathy when they connect personally and deeply with those around them.
  • Serve
Serving leaders create success for and through others. Such leaders are motivated by service to the higher purpose, the business and its stakeholders – not by the pursuit of power or personal gain. The success of these leaders is gauged by the success of others. They don’t try to solve all problems or to have all of the answers: they thrive by unleashing others in pursuit of goals. They understand and take direct responsibility for growing the next generation of leaders.
  • Learn
Learning leaders are inspired by learning and they take pride in further developing themselves. They are not afraid of – and they learn from – mistakes and failures. They make the intentional decision to continue to learn and grow throughout their lives, challenging themselves to be and do more, and gaining broader experiences. With their high learning agility and ability to be vulnerable, they reflect on and learn from experience, apply that learning to perform successfully under new or first-time conditions and share their learning, and themselves, with others.
  • Adapt
Adaptive leaders demonstrate agility in the face of continuous change. They anticipate and thrive in changing environments where diversity of thought fosters innovation and creativity. They have the ability to create a climate where individuals can take risk, experiment, and learn from failure: often times with great speed. Adapting leaders constantly think about what changes are needed to stay relevant in the marketplace and to fulfill the organization’s purpose.
  • Achieve
Achieving leaders prioritize and do what is best for the business. They are outcome oriented and understand that superior financial performance benefits all stakeholders. They are bold, strategic and future-oriented. They see the big picture, understand how the different components of a system interconnect and behave over time, and help make sense out of complexity by simplifying. They possess sound judgment and can make quick decisions when needed.

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